Esther's Follies

Esther’s Follies has been called the Austin's​ answer to SNL and at 40 seasons and running, is ​not far behind its NYC cousin.

Esther’s succeeds as an Austin institution that expertly satirizes both sides of the political divide with smartly written musical numbers, and sketches. What makes Esther’s Follies a unique theater experience, in addition to the lack of a back wall (a window overlooking the street brings the street to the stage and vice-versa) is its ability to bring the fast pace of vaudeville, to a modern-day audience.

Music, political comedy and magic combine in one show, making Esther's quite unlike anything else in the nation. Esther’s star, Ray Anderson, brings the sparkle of the Vegas ​strip to Sixth Street with his large-scale illusions that defy reason and baffle our audiences.

Esther’s Follies exemplifies the “Keep Austin Weird” ethos that makes Austin such a playground to tourists and locals alike.

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