Danrie Productions

From Kurt Gardner's interview/profile at ArtScene SA, October 7, 2021:

Ernest Saucedo: My main motivation behind establishing this company was the need to take local theater to a new level. It is gratifying to see so much love for theater here in San Antonio, and even more fulfilling to see the community support the arts. I have worked hard enough to be able to have performed in professional shows on the west and east coast, and with companies like Disney and Universal Studios. It was from all these experiences that I wanted to produce that level of entertainment at a local level.

Big tours that come through San Antonio are wonderful and help our city, but how amazing would it be if we didn’t need to bring those tours in because there was a local company producing shows at the same level or better? It can happen. It will happen. With my experience and passion, plus the wonderful team at Danrie, we will change the theater scene in San Antonio, forever.


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Contact Information

Ernest Sauceda, founder (click for Facebook page)

Joseph Martinez, creative producer

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