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A company previously engaged in Sirius AI, a musical. John Rogers, principal; bio and bios of other team members are posted HERE. In 2022 the company switched focus to live theatre.

Previous mission statement:

We, the creative minds behind Sirius AI, are a group of diverse multimedia artists. Ranging from theatrically-inclined stage performers, to detail oriented digital and audio designers and illustrators! Scriptwriters, musicians, visual artists, audio engineers and more, we are a team consisting of passionate individuals trying to break into a professional realm using our combined talent!

The work for this project began in 2017, when John, Devereux, and Sam (old high school friends) decided they wanted to write a musical together! The project has grown since, having had over 40 individuals contributing to our story. During the work day, you will find our team of teachers, accountants, fundraisers, construction workers, fast food workers, and even dog walkers, patiently building up this cartoon endeavor. Sirius AI has a way of bringing us together and allows us to create something bigger than just what our individual abilities alone could never get us.

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