Canopy Theatre Company

We fuse together diverse communities of war violence through the restorative process of artistic performance, creating a unified front against the erosive force of isolation. Our new artistic collectives are an avant-garde for innovating smooth intellectual and social spaces that reconsider what it means to belong.

Canopy is a company of current and developing artists who have experienced the violence of war--either as veteran combatants or unwilling survivors. By combining war veterans and refugees into the theatrical process, we facilitate understanding and forge durable bonds between our members and with the audience. It is our experience that when a company of artists gathers with the singular focus of creating something beautiful and meaningful for the audience, the resulting relationship counteracts the isolation embedded by war trauma. The act of creating theatre requires vulnerability and trust, which are two psychological states greatly impaired through war violence. Re-enabling these two conditions initiates healing and establishes new approaches to belonging.

 Canopy produces innovative and multidisciplinary theatrical work that explores and comments on the conditions and human costs of war. Through new and re-conceptualized works, we examine the causes and effects of war from local, national, and global perspectives. Our goal is not to offer definitive answers or positions on these immensely complex questions, but rather to break down the orthodoxies that dominate extreme sides of the conversation.

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