Ashé Arts Austin


Ashé Arts was conceived in 2014 by Sadé M. Jones -- award winning choreographer, producer and performance artist and Zell Miller III --  award winning playwright, director and actor. Growing up in the classic "at-risk" environments, each was introduced to the world of theatre. They not only gained artistic technique; but also a broader perspective of the world and self-efficacy to rise above their circumstances. Teaching in East Austin schools, the seed was planted to create a space where the arts could be a tool for personal development/empowerment — The Ashé Academy. Shortly after, the idea expanded to adults with community classes and a performance company. In 2015, The Ashé Arts Collective made its debut premier in the production Hands Up Hoodies Down, which received awards for Best Ensemble and Best Choreography.

The Collective serves as a platform for Black performance + visual art in Austin. In 2016, Ashé Arts produced its first solo show Melanated Chrysalis, which rooted the organization in the community to which it serves. Throughout the past 2 years, Ashé Arts has been an arts + culture resource to the community through productions and events as well as outreach programs, classes and workshops. Currently, Ashé Arts has a performing arts collective and community outreach program.

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