Actors and Theatre Arts Guild, Sun City

The Actors and Theatre Arts Guild is a chartered club at Sun City, Georgetown,Texas, and includes more than 200 talented, fun-loving people who love the smell of greasepaint and the roar of the crowd.

Each year, the club produces at least three main-stage plays plus an annual Follies. All performances are held in the Lonestar Room in the Retreat on 1220 Cattleman Drive, off Sun City Blvd., just a short distance from Hwy. 195.  Actors, directors, singers and dancers are not the only people important to the group. Those who labor backstage, off-stage and non-stage assignments are equally important.  The Guild Coordinator System of 31 teams assures that everyone who joins has an opportunity to learn theater arts and to put them to use.  Set designers, set builders, costume designers, seamstresses, make up experts, lighting and sound technicians, graphics and publicity, writers, props, and more make the Guild a place where anyone interested in theater arts can have a rewarding experience. 

In addition to performances for the public, an outreach group called the Mad Hatters works with schools and Alzheimer's units to perform fairy tales. Two troupes of six to eight members portray a role, each wearing many colorful hats and using a few props.  Our audiences love the hour of animated story telling.

The Guild members meet once a month on the second Monday at 10 AM in the Lonestar Room at the Retreat. On the third Monday, we meet for Third Monday, when we prepare for in house plays, allowing members to try various production roles before committing to a large play. The Board meets on the 4th Monday and times vary.  These meetings are held in the Studio of the Retreat and are open to members.

Sun City residency is necessary for membership, which is $12.00 a year.  Information about the Guild is available at, click on chartered clubs, and then on the Actor and Theatre Arts Guild.  Tickets are also available at the site.  Click on tickets and scroll to find the performance.  Seating is by table and seat.

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