Sherwood Forest Faire
by Sherwood Forest Faire

Sep. 17 - Sep. 18 (2016)

Auditions for a role in Sherwood Forest Faire with Sherwood Forest Faire on Sep 17 through Sep 18.

(photo: Sherwood Crier)Calling all actors! would-be actors! and HAMS!

This Septebmer 17th, 2016, a Saturday, Sherwood Players will be holding Auditions for Sherwood Forest Faire Cast 2017 (1196A.D.). We will also be able to schedule some auditions on Sunday the 18th, but Saturday is preferred.  

If you have not been on cast before, I'll want to get a phone call from you to set up an interview time. My number is 512-731-2316. I will also want you to email me a picture of yourself and at least a short paragraph telling me what makes you want to be on cast along with some facts about your theatrical experience.

We'll schedule interviews for those of you who have not been on cast before in the morning. Those interviews will start as soon as 9:00 am. They will last about 10 minutes each.  

At about 11:00 am we will begin improvs and readings for all those who we have interviewed (including those who interviewed in early July) and any returning actors who wish to change characters. We'll rotate people in and out on the stage until about 4 or 4:30.  

When we have finished our stage work we will close auditions for new actors, and begin interviews with returning actors who wish to change their characters.  

Costumes are not required, but are welcome. You do not need to prepare anthing before auditions, but if you wish to demonstrate any talents, we can make time for you to demonstrate; singing, reciting short poems or monolgues, or instrumental musical performances, etc. But they will need to be short. 

Jonah, known as Gamble Gold on FB, and myself, Zane Baker will be conducting these auditions along with any other Sherwood directors who are available. We are looking forward to talking with you and seeing your stage and lane talents.

Don't hesitate to call me with questions:

Thanks, and good luck!