Land of the Weird
by Bottle Alley Theatre Company

Jul. 02 (2014)

Bottle Alley Theatre Company, in Austin, is seeking actors to join their original production of The Land of the Weird, a devised, experimental puppet show.
We just had people drop out, creating two openings that need to be filled as quickly as possible!
A little bit about the show: The Land of the Weird shall be a social commentary on Austin, Texas, comprised of archetypes of its people, its gradual change, as well as the actor's own real-life stories, as told through puppetry. The end result shall be something dark, hilarious, abstract and ultimately, unique. 
A little bit about the company: Bottle Alley Theatre Company is a small ensemble dedicated to producing all original "smashmouth" theatre - theatre that is raw, gritty, stripped down and, most importantly, honest. As our website says: Controlled chaos. Badass theatre. 
Any kind of background and experience is welcome! Never performed through puppets before? That's okay, neither have we! 
Yes, this is a paying gig.

Interested? Questions? Then please email a resume and a headshot (if you have them) to Assistant Director Taylor Whitmire at his personal email address at to set up an audition appointment.
Note: Auditions will be on a first-come-first served type basis!