Cloud Formations
by Bottle Alley Theatre Company

Sep. 05 - Sep. 06 (2014)

Cloud Formations is an abstract narrative of two women living in an attiv, and their last night together. It is also about the passage of time and of memory - the play itself has been described as "beautifully sad," "melancholy," and "bittersweet."

If you need access to the script, respond with your email address and you'll be sent a link to it.

Everyone is invited! Invite anyone you want!

Auditions shall take place the weekend prior to The Land of the Weird in a location TBD on Friday and Saturday night September 5th and 6th, by appointment only. If you can't make either of these days, we'll figure something else out. The auditions themselves shall be performed selections from the script. Actors can choose any selection of the script, memorize it and perform it (monologue or dialogue). This can be as short or as long as the actor choose. All parts are available. Actors can audition for multiple parts or just one.