The Haunting of Hill House
by Bottle Alley Theatre Company

Jun. 24 - Jun. 25

The Haunting of Hill House is a direct stage adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s 1959 gothic masterpiece, a novel which Stephen King calls "the greatest haunted house story ever written.” The play follows four individuals during an extended stay at the infamous Hill House as they investigate the house for evidence of paranormal activity. The story is an extended study in atmospheric horror and contains themes of isolation, madness and repressed sexuality. 

Auditions are June 24 and 25, 2024 upstairs in room 25 at SPACEATX, 7915 Menchaca Road, Austin, TX 78745

 If necessary, callbacks will be on June 26.




Eleanor Vance: Eleanor is the isolated, fanciful and disturbed protagonist of the play -- she has spent the last 11 years caring for her invalid mother. 


Theodora: Theodora is a young and beautiful bohemian who lives in an unnamed city and is summoned to Hill House by Doctor Montague because of her reputation for psychic sensitivity. 


Luke Sanderson: A rakish young man, a liar, and a thief who stands to inherit Hill House from his aunt, its current owner.


Dr. John Montague: The doctor is an anthropologist with a secret passion for parapsychology—the study of supernatural psychic phenomena. 


We'll also be casting two additional roles for two performers who will act somewhat like a chorus, they will play two smaller roles and be responsible for much of the practical effects. They will, in essence, be the spirits of the house. 


Within the script Eleanor and Theodora are assigned she/her pronouns and Luke and Dr. Montague are assigned he/him pronouns. For the purposes of auditions and casting anyone can audition for any role or roles that they would like and pronouns can be adjusted accordingly. Anyone of any age can also audition for any role they like as well. N.B. Actors and actors from BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities are strongly encouraged to audition. 


We are giving you, the actor, the choice of how you would like to audition! Here are your options: 

- Prepared monologue: Prepare a dramatic monologue in the 3-5 minute range – doesn’t matter if it is contemporary or classical. Preferably something that fits the Hill House vibe. 

- Sides: You can choose to read sides from the script of up to two characters. If you select this option your sides will be sent to you when your audition appointment is confirmed. 

Callbacks will take place in-person on Wednesday June 26th beginning at 7 pm and will consist of paired readings from the script. 

Audition signup checklist: 

1) Fill out our audition form:


2) Choose an audition time slot here:


3) Email resume and headshot to 

DATES:  Rehearsals will take place 3x a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) in the evenings beginning in mid-July (there is some flexibility on these dates, so if you have conflicts on any of those days please still audition)


Performances will take place in October over three weekends (Friday - Sunday) for a total of nine performances


COMPENSATION:  Actors will receive a stipend based on an even percentage of ticket sales at the conclusion of the run. 

ABOUT US: Bottle Alley Theatre Company has been crafting weird and original work in unusual places since 2012. Our aesthetic is inspired by DIY-punk as well as Anton Artaud's Theatre of Cruelty. For more information see bottlealleytheare.comThe Haunting of Hill House will be adapted and directed by Chris Fontanes, Stage Managed by Remy Joslin and produced by Amber Wilson.