by Navasota Theatre Alliance

Oct. 23 - Oct. 24 (2023)

For the winter show, NTA will produce Eurydice, written by Sarah Ruhl and directed by Kathryn Sutton. The play is a modern-day retelling of the classic story of Orpheus, the greatest musician in the world, and his wife Eurydice. 

Our auditions for our February show of the new year will be hosted THIS year in October! 

Auditions on Monday, Oct 23, and Tuesday, Oct 24, 2023 will consist of cold readings from the script. 

Performance Dates February 9th - 25th 2024

Character Descriptions:

- Eurydice: F 20-30, a lover of the world and a lost soul

- Orpheus: M 20-30, a talented musician and composer, in love with Eurydice

- Nasty Interesting Man/King of the Underworld: M any age, he is a trickster, a liar, and a nasty man.

- Father: M 40+, resident of the underworld, cares for Eurydice and helps her remember 

- Big Stone: Any age/gender

- Little Stone: Any age/gender-

Loud Stone: Any age/gender

(The Stones are our narrators with three distinctive personalities and help Eurydice on her journey)