by Camille Lightner Playhouse

Oct. 12 - Oct. 13 (2023)

Bringing Charles Dickens’ beloved novel to life, Lionel Bart’s Oliver! takes audiences on a wild adventure through Victorian England. Join young, orphaned Oliver Twist as he navigates the London’s underworld of theft and violence, searching for a home, a family, and - most importantly - for love. When Oliver is picked up on the street by a boy named the Artful Dodger, he is welcomed into a gang of child pickpockets led by the conniving, but charismatic, Fagin. When Oliver is falsely accused of a theft he didn’t commit, he is rescued by a kind and wealthy gentleman, to the dismay of Fagin’s violent sidekick, Bill Sikes. Caught in the middle is the warm-hearted Nancy, who is trapped under Bill’s thumb, but desperate to help Oliver, with tragic results. With spirited, timeless songs like “As Long as He Needs Me,” “Food, Glorious Food,” and “Where Is Love,” Oliver! is a musical classic.

Open Auditions: October 12 & 13, 6-9pm

Book, Music and Lyrics by Lionel Bart


Attendees should prepare 1 minute of any musical theater song. You may sing a cappella or with music tracks.

Principal Roles 

Oliver Twist: A orphan workhouse boy, age range 8-13, singer (smooth boyish soprano)/actor. British (not cockney) accent, bright and innocent. 

This character is in approximately 80% of the scenes, parents should note he will be required at rehearsal more than any other person in the show. 


Artful Dodger: A street kid, age range 13-18, singer/actor. Cockney accent. Very energetic, highly personable, intelligent and savvy beyond his years, Fagin’s right hand “man”. 


Fagin: Middle aged leader of a children’s band of thieves, age range 35-50s, singer/actor. Cockney accent. Described as devious, a user, sly fox, con man, very personable. 


Nancy: When she was younger worked for Fagin, now a “barmaid” at the Three Cripples Bar, age range 20-30s, singer (good belt)/actress should have decent movement skills. Cockney accent. She lives with and loves Bill Sykes, pretty, intelligent, longs for a better life. 


Bill Sykes: Also worked for Fagin as a youth now a feared master criminal, age range 20-30s actor/singer (baritone). Cockney accent. Good looking in a rough sort of way, sociopath, a killer who only looks out for himself. 


Mr. Bumble: The Master of the Workhouse, age range 35-55, singer (high tenor)/actor. Cockney accent. A large, pompous and corrupt bureaucrat. 


Widow Corney: The Mistress of the Workhouse, age range 30-50, singer (soprano belt)/actress. Cockney accent. Sharp tongued widow, also corrupt. 


Bet: Nancy’s friend, may also have worked for Fagin, age range 16-25, singer/actress should move well. Cockney accent. She idolizes Nancy.


Other Roles 

Mr. Sowerberry: The undertaker, age range 30-45, actor/singer (baritone). Cockney accent. Kind of creepy, “buy” Oliver from Bumble to work in the funeral home as a coffin follower, may be an alcoholic.  


Mrs. Sowerberry: The undertaker’s wife, age range 30-45, actress/singer (mezzo). Cockney accent. More business savvy than her husband.  


Noah Claypole: Undertaker’s apprentice, age range 18-25, actor. Cockney accent. May have also come from Workhouse. Feels threatened by, dislikes and torments Oliver. 


Charlotte: Sowerberry’s daughter, age range 16-21, actress. Cockney accent. Attracted to Noah, kind of flirty. 


Mr. Brownlow: Older gentleman, age range 40-60, actor/singer. British (not cockney) accent. Kind upper class gentleman, Oliver’s grandfather. 


Dr. Grimwig: A doctor, age range 35-55, actor. British (not cockney) accent. Upper class, friend of Mr. Brownlow.  


Mrs. Bedwin: A housekeeper, age range 35-55. British (not cockney) accent. Works for Mr. Brownlow. Warm personality.  


Workhouse & Fagin KIDS 

Age ranges 7-18, will cast boys AND girls. Including Dodger’s friend Charley. Singers/actors, let us know if you have any “special skills” example: acrobatics, tumbling, juggling, dance etc. Some cockney accents will be taught. We are looking for boys and girls who are bright and personable. Boys and girls will be in one or more of the following:

Workhouse Boys 

Workhouse Assistants 

Bow Street Runners 

Street Vendors (Criers) 

Crowd of Onlookers and Passersby 


Adult Featured Ensemble 

Age ranges 15 and up, singers (all voice types), characters with cockney and traditional British accents. Include in this are the “featured” soloists: The Rose Seller (mezzo), Strawberry Seller (soprano), Milk Maid (soprano), Knife Grinder (baritone) and Long Song Seller (Tenor); featured roles Old Sally and Old Lady (cockney accents), & the Chairman.


 Let us know if you have dance training.