An O. Henry Christmas
by Navasota Theatre Alliance

Oct. 09 - Oct. 10 (2023)

After escaping wrongful imprisonment, a mysterious storyteller enters an abandoned railroad spur on the outskirts of New York City, Christmas Eve, 1893. In exchange for some hobo stew, "O.P." entertains a rag-tag mix of seemingly lost souls by spinning a few tales, and in the process rekindles the spirit of giving. He magically transforms the crew into players to stage O. Henry's "The Last Leaf" and "The Gift of the Magi," and others. Wordplay, trickery, sentimental holiday fare, this is a heartwarming alternative to all of those Christmas carols.

Directed by Mark Taylor.

Our Christmas show this year is An O. Henry Christmas by Howard Burman, directed by Mark Taylor.

You might be perfect for one of these roles (age ranges 15-80):

Males (5):
—Hal, good-looking fellow whose alcoholism hides a broken heart.
—O.P., mysterious story-teller who shows up on Christmas Eve.
—Dinty, homeless artist; gruff exterior but a tender heart.
—Grover, former physician who has given up being a doctor.
—Guido, a NYC policeman making rounds at the railroad spur.

Females (3):
—Marguerite, a prostitute who is is gravely ill and givng up on life.
—Agnes, kind-hearted homeless woman, caring for Marguerite.
—Fran, a homeless pickpocket; street smart.

Auditions will be October 9-10, 2023 at 7 pm and will consist of reading excerpts from the script.

We will do eight performances over two weekends, December 7-17 (Thursdays—Sundays).

Contact Mark Taylor, Director, at (979) 229-6785 or mtaylor [AT] for more information and for audition excerpts to prepare ahead of time (if desired).