Slay- Bells: A Holiday Murder Mystery Musical
by Crown Theatre

Sep. 13 - Sep. 20

It's the final rehearsal for the Holiday Special to end all Holiday Specials. Five celebrity singers and a couple of production assistants gather in the studio to put the final touches on their solos. But a blizzard traps them all inside and one among them is a clever murderer with a penchant for killing their victims with a holiday theme. Suspicion, secrets, and polar bears lie in wait for these desperate players that remain on the brink of turning on each other. Plot twists, comedy, and parody holiday songs all gift wrapped into one Holiday Musical Murder Mystery.

Video Audition Notice

‘Slay- Bells: A Holiday Murder Mystery Musical’ 

Crown Theatre is seeking strong comedic actors who can sing ages 14 and up for their upcoming new work production Slay- Bells: A Holiday Murder Mystery Musical by Adam Rodriguez.

Rehearsals will begin November 2nd and the show runs December 1st-10th, 2023. 


A- A former mouseketeer and now aging Starlett looking for one last hurrah. When one of her fellow mouseketeers mysteriously disappeared she was drenched in scandal.

B-A country singer that presents himself as a wholesome and family centered persona. He has a western clothing line that uses child sweatshops in some third world country.

C- A hard nosed self made pop star and businesswoman. Her first two albums were funded with money she earned working with an illegal chop shop.

D- An older crooner that now has a Vegas act. He might be a spy for some foreign nation looking to steal sensitive military data. He also has several other skeletons in his closet.

E - A music producer and singer. They’ve been blackmailing the 4 Singers for a number of years. They have recently developed a conscience due to a fatal illness, and seek to make things right.

F- P.A. to Peppy- An unapologetic smart ass with a serious case of OCD. She’s Peppy Deveraux's adopted niece. Her parents died tragically.

G - P.A. to Shanta-smarter than he acts. 

H- Plays multiple roles-Reporter & Cop

To Audition- Please submit a headshot, resume, and self tapes using the form below by September 20th. 

Self Tape Criteria: 

1 minute contemporary monologue 

1 minute cut of your favorite Holiday song (A capella is fine) 

Audition Form:


Callbacks will be held in person Sunday, September 24th from 5:00-7:00 PM and consist of readings from the script and a brief movement call

Compensation- Actors will receive a stipend of $200 

Production Team- 

Director: Grace Ramsden

Music Director: Tyler Rouse 

Choreographer: Hannah Zuniga

Playwright: Adam Rodriguez

Co-Artistic Directors: Andrea Smith and Tobie Minor

Education Directors:Jennifer Jennings and Libby Hollinger

Managing Director: Amy Minor