by Fayette County Community Theatre

Sep. 10 - Sep. 12

Auditions for a role in Harvey with Fayette County Community Theatre on Sep 10 through Sep 12.

Auditions for HARVEY by Mary Chase, will be Sunday, September 10 at 1 p.m., and Tuesday, September 12 at 5:45 p.m. 
Auditions will be held at 275 Ellinger Road in La Grange.

Audition sides:

Each link will take you to a portion of the script to be used at auditions. Each one has a start and finish as described. The line or stage direction where it starts/finishes is in the link. 


pg5 - Veta enters followed by maid
pg6 - Myrtle: Oh yes


pg31 - Sanderson: That's Mrs. Simmonson's Brother
pg33 - Curtain


pg40 - Wilson: What's your name? 
pg42 - Myrtle: Yes it's Uncle Elwood


pg47 - Kelly (Taking a deep breath)
pg48 - Sanderson: Gladly.


pg 48 - Elwood crosses to c with flowers
pg 49 - Elwood: Dr., I wrestled


pg54 - Elwood monologue



pg68 - (Elwood extends hand) How do you do? 
pg69 - Cab Driver: Not after this.