by Fayette County Community Theatre

Sep. 10 - Sep. 12

Elwood P. Dowd is an affable man who claims to have an unseen (and presumably imaginary) friend Harvey – whom Elwood describes as a six foot, three-and-one-half inch (192 cm) tall pooka resembling an anthropomorphic rabbit. Elwood introduces Harvey to everyone he meets. His social-climbing sister, Veta Simmons, increasingly finds his eccentric behavior embarrassing. She decides to have him committed to a sanitarium. When they arrive at the sanitarium, a comedy of errors ensues. When Veta confesses that she has seen Harvey too, the young Dr. Sanderson commits Veta instead of Elwood. But when the mistake comes out, the search is on for Elwood and his invisible companion.

Audition for Harvey, a comedy of errors. Open auditions will held Sunday, September 10, 2023 at 1:00 PM and Tuesday, September 12 at 5:45 PM.

Audition location will be 275 Ellinger Road in La Grange.

Plays November 3-5, 2023 at the Sanford Schmid Amphitheater.

Written by Mary Chase
Characters Elwood P. Dowd
Veta Louise Simmons
Betty Chumley
E.J. Lofgren
Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet
Judge Omar Gaffney
William R. Chumley, M.D.
Lyman Sanderson, M.D.
Miss Johnson
Ruth Kelly, R.N.
Myrtle Mae Simmons
Duane Wilson



[image from the 1953 edition of the play, via Wikipedia]