Flood of Spirits
by Cheerful Secrets

Sep. 01 - Sep. 04 (2023)

Flood of Spirits is an immersive theatre experience, written and directed by Rebecca Maag. This immersive event features a séance that takes place in Austin in the year 1900, following a deadly flood. Upon arrival, guests will be assigned a short family history featuring a deceased loved one and will then be invited to participate in the séance alongside the small cast.

Video Auditions: Cheerful Secrets Seeks Female Actor for Lead Role in FLOOD OF SPIRITS 

Seeking female-identifying and -presenting actor to play the lead role of Lucille Gardot, a spiritualist medium, in the immersive theatre experience Flood of Spirits 

Show dates are October 17th-20th, 2023. Rehearsals begin Saturday, Sept. 9th, with full rehearsal schedule to be determined. All roles are non-union (non-Equity), but actors and understudies will be paid. The payment amount depends on rehearsal and performance hours.

To be considered, please send a headshot, resume, reel, or recorded monologue to hello@cheerfulsecrets.com no later than noon on Monday, September 4th, 2023 - and the earlier, the better!

Check out floodofspirits.com for details and feel free to email any questions to hello@cheerfulsecrets.com.