Jenna & the Whale
by Ground Floor Theatre

Jun. 12 (2023)

Following a surfing accident off the coast of Dunes Beach, Florida, Jenna wakes to find herself in the company of a young man named Jonah. He tells her that they are inside the belly of a whale, that he has been here for three years and that there is no chance of escape. Jenna refuses to accept that, and she becomes determined to free them both. Meanwhile, as members of Jenna's hometown worry about her fate, an unexpected visitor arrives to challenge the bonds and beliefs of this already fractured community.

Jenna & the Whale is about life, death and who we are in a community and as individuals. It’s about the things we see and what we can’t, the things we know and the things we grapple to understand.


Ground Floor Theatre is holding auditions for the world premiere of Jenna & the Whale by Miami playwrights Vanessa Garcia (Amparo; Sweet Goats & Blueberry Señoritas and #Graced) and Jake Cline (Purple Hearts) and will be  directed by Lisa Scheps.  This play is being produced in association with Tony-Award-winning producers William Fernandez & Jim Kierstead of Broadway Unbound. GFT is seeking actors to fill all roles.

Auditions will be held at Ground Floor Theatre (979 Springdale Rd at Airport) on June 12th from 6 – 10 with callback (if needed) on June 13. They will be by appointment only and will consist of readings from the script… you will receive sides when your appointment is confirmed. 

All positions are paid an honorarium.

Ground Floor Theatre is committed to inclusivity and as such unless specifically called for in the script, we cast without consideration to ability, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, size, or shape. Auditioners should bring a resume and headshot with them.

Casting actors for all characters 

  • Jenna: Female, in her 20s, Looking for answers, trying to understand the hole Patrick left behind. She’s a fighter, she will fight to the end.
  • Jonah/Patrick (Latino): Late 20s/just reaching 30. Patrick is a dreamy, depressed, and also wholesome young man who loved Jenna and took his life. Jonah is his spirit.
  • Deputy Tyler: Non-binary, late 20s or just reaching 30. Good natured new cop, wants to save the town.
  • Lynn: Jenna’s mother. 40s. Single (widowed) mom, raised her daughter alone, Kind and sweet, but knows where tough love lives when she needs it.
  • Rita (Latina): Patrick and Coco’s mom, 50s. Surfshop owner. Very cool, laid back vibe. Lived-in skin.
  • Coco (Latina): Patrick’s sister, early 20s. Coco just can’t let go. Works at the surf shop with mom, not going to college. She’s funny and trying hard, she’s lost, and also angry.

Performances August 10 - 26, 2023 , with rehearsals beginning in late June/early July.


For an appointment, please email