Austin Latino New Play Festival
by Teatro Vivo

Mar. 13 - Mar. 18 (2023)

Auditions for a role in Austin Latino New Play Festival with Teatro Vivo on Mar 13 through Mar 18.

Auditions for the 2023 Austin Latinx New Play Festival are underway! There are still slots available!
Call for Virtual Auditions!

The 2023 Austin Latinx New Play Festival (2023 ALNPF), will be held live at the Dougherty Arts Center in Austin, TX April 27th – 29th, 2023.
All Actors that are local to the Austin area, or are willing to travel to Austin for the required dates listed below, are invited to join us for virtual auditions. At this time, travel expenses will not be offered.
Please secure your virtual audition time by signing up here:
Once you have secured your audition time, please fill out the following Virtual Audition Form:

Once you have secured a time, and filled out the form, you will receive a link to attend the auditions. Here are some important dates that will require mandatory, in person attendance:

Monday March 20th: Initial Reading of selected plays
Monday April 17th-April 25th: Festival Kickoff and Rehearsals
Wednesday April 26th: Tech Rehearsal
Thursday April 27th-April 29th: Readings

All Actors will be required to attend their own reading, as well as the other readings in the festival. At the end of the festival, each Actor will receive a stipend of $50 payable by check.
Here are a few reminders for success during a Virtual Audition:

  • Control your audition space
  • Make sure the audition area has adequate light, and that you can be seen clearly.
  • Your background should be a solid color, with minimal distractions
  • Make sure we can hear you. Use earbuds or headphones if needed. Avoid excess noise during your audition.
  • Make sure you have access to a camera that is steady and clear.
  • Check your tech logistics. Make sure your internet connection is strong, and that you are unmuted when you are ready to audition.

If you have any questions please contact our Festival Manager, Alexandria Sepulveda

“Cocina Latina” by Joey Florez
Laura – 29, Puerto Rican. A classically trained chef and Executive Chef at Senor TacoMexican Restaurant.
Hugo – mid to late 50’s, Mexican. He’s been with Senior Taco since the beginning. He’sreserved, but an exceptional line-cook.
Oscar – 26, Dominican. He speaks little English but communicates just fine with everyonein the kitchen. Dreams of sending his younger brother to college and loves joking with hiscoworkers.
Ricardo – 23, American, of Colombian descent – He’s the baby of the kitchen but atalented cook with dreams of being a chef at his own restaurant.
Marcus – 40’s, Owner of Senor Taco. has no real skill as a cook or businessman. He treatsthe restaurant like his piggy bank.
Sally – 60’s, Marcus’ mother. a wealthy “Karen” type.
“Growing Up With Big Hair” by Diana Mucci
ANNA/NARRATOR – strong, intelligent, with a sense of humor. Younger self – also strong and intelligent but struggles with her identity. Actor must be olive-skinned female, preferably an Afro-Latina, with dark, curly hair, between ages 40-50.
MAMI – Anna’s mother. Mid to late 30’s. Proud, attractive, elegant, always well dressed. White skinned Latina, with medium length, straight light brown/reddish, hair. Spanish bilingual, speaks with a heavy Spanish accent.
DAD – Anna’s father. Late 30’s early 40’s. Very proud, intelligent, hard-working, well spoken and fit. Olive-skinned, with dark curly hair. Speaks in a slight French/Haitian accent.
GRANDMA– Anna’s Haitian grandmother. Early 60’s. A kind and loving sage. Brown-skinned with curly, silver hair, must speak in a heavy French/Haitian accent
LISA – Anna’s older sister, ages 12 – 20. Heavy set, smart-ass, rebel and socialite. Light skinned Latina, with brown wavy hair. Actor should be early 30’s.
DANNY / KEN Light skinned, very attractive young male. Actor must be mid/late 20’s and able to play both White and Latino.


“el bailador” by Mateo Hernandez
PABLO – el bailador, boy, 8-9 years old
JULIAN – Pablo’s dad, man, early 40’s
ANA – Pablo’s mom, woman, late 30’s-early 40’s
JUNIOR – Pablo’s brother, boy, 13 years old
PAZ – Pablo’s grandma, Julian’s mom, woman, mid 60’s
MAITE – Pablo’s cousin, girl, 7 years old
LALO – Pablo’s tio, man, mid 40’s
CHORUS – play the house, backup dancers, etc.
“Diving Board” by Malena Pennycook
ANNIE: 17, Femme. Latinx. Quietly shaking. Can’t look away.
TIERNAN: 17, Femme. Overachieving. Brazen.
COACH NATE: 30-40, Masc. Diving coach. Former Olympian.
JOANNA: 15, Femme. Soft around the edges and warm.
RICO: 17, Masc or NB. LatinX. Ready to bust out of here.
ANNOUNCER: 30-40, Masc.
MR. MORENO: 40-50, Masc.
FACELESS MEN: 3-20 persons. Masc. White. A figment of Annie’s imagination. And not.

“Papakō” by Maria F. Rocha, Roxanne Schroeder-Arce and Genevieve Schroeder-Arce

Jose [M, 15]
Gloria, Jose’s mother [F, 43] (they live in Austin)
Juan [M, 16]
Ana, Juan’s older sister [F, 17] (Ana is in college in San Marcos or Austin)
Clarissa, Ana & Juan’s mother [F, 44] (they live in New Braunfels)
Tío Beto, uncle of Gloria & Clarissa, a distinct ancestor [M, 80]
Ancestors (3 or 4 additional actors play ancestors—elders if possible; if not these characters can be ageless. Tío might be one of the ancestors, making it 4, the number 4 is significant; could also be 4 in addition to Tío if more ancestors are desired. The Ancestors dance and also play the drum.)