Me and Juliet
by Playhouse 2000

Nov. 20 - Nov. 21

Lifted from the heart of the “Golden Age” of American Musical Theater, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Me and Juliet is a classic from the same greats that gave us The Sound of Music, Oklahoma, and The King and I.  Unlike those iconic titles, this backstage romantic comedy is rarely performed, which gives us a chance to present a “brand new” experience from a beloved, familiar source.


In their inimitable style, R&H tell a two-pair love story (think Guys and Dolls) taking place behind the scenes of a long-running and successful “musical within a musical” also called Me and Juliet.


“Jeanie, “ a contented chorus member, finds herself the focus of a rivalry between the brash lighting technician, “Bob” and the assistant Stage Manager and aspiring Director “Larry.”  Meanwhile, Stage Manager “Mac” finds complications in his romance with flirty dancer, “Betty” when she wins a replacement role in the show, breaking his rule against ever being involved with a member of his own company.


The show’s songs celebrate a life in the spotlight, including the Betty’s big showstopper “It’s Me,” Jeanie’s sensitive ballad “No Other Love Have I,” Larry’s evocative depiction of the theatrical audience “Big Black Giant,” and the chorus’s “Intermission Talk” and “Marriage Type Love”.

Playhouse 2000 And Schreiner University Theater present Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Me and Juliet

Auditions:            Sunday November 20, 2022 at 2:30, or Monday, November 21 at 6:30 – The Cailloux Theater 

For Leading and Secondary Singing Roles: Please prepare a short song in the classic Broadway style – 32 to 64 bars is sufficient – OR present the song we will teach at the audition. Please bring along sheet music for the provided accompanist .  No a-cappella auditions or pre-recorded accompaniment please.

For Ensemble (and all Speaking Roles): We will teach a short song from the show and ask you to sing in small groups.

Everyone will participate in a Movement Audition: – please dress comfortably and wear (or change into) soft-soled, close-toed shoes.

Some may be asked to do “cold readings” from the script.

Possible “Call Back”:  We may ask some auditioners to return for a “Call Back” audition on Tuesday, November 22 at 6:30.  Not all roles will require call-back, and not being called back does NOT indicate the consideration being given to your audition.


The show will run February 3 through 19, 2023 (just in time for Valentine's Day!), so we'll be holding auditions on Sunday and Monday, November 20 and 21 - the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Rehearsals will start December 5 through 16 to learn music, and then take a break for Christmas, re-starting on January 2 to prepare for an opening on February 3.

Roles Available Include: 

Leading Roles

  • Jeanie – Soprano (plays 20’s to early 40’s) A chorus singer and content to be so, but talented enough to be a leading actress if she would pursue it.  Multiple featured songs.
  • Bob – Baritone (plays 20’s to 40’s)  A big, gruff – even dangerous – guy with no intentions of getting entangled by a show romance.  Physically imposing.  Featured songs.
  • Larry – Baritone/Tenor (plays 20’s to 40’s) Paying his dues as Assistant Stage Manager to the current show, but with the drive and talent that will one day make him a director.  A sensitive guy who wants the comforts of “Marriage Type Love.”  Featured songs.
  • Mac – (plays 20’s to early 50’s) The consummate professional in the wings, always in control and firm in his dedication to the job – but not immune to the charms of at least one special dancer.  No songs.
  • Betty – Mezzo-Soprano (plays 20’s to late 30’s)  a talented dancer with a clear understanding of her effect on men and the drive to become a star – similar in effect to Oklahoma!’s “Ado Annie.”  Featured songs


Secondary Singing Roles

  • Herbie – Baritone/Tenor (Plays 20’s to 30’s) the theater’s candy counter boy, Herbie is actually a backstage mover and shaker with plans.  One featured song.
  • Ruby – Baritone or Alto (plays any age) The Company Manager who’s in charge unless the producer is in the house.  One brief featured song.


The “Cast” of the “Musical Within A Musical”

  • Charlie (Me) – Tenor (plays 30’s to 50’s) The male Lead – featured songs.
  • Lily (Juliet) – Soprano (plays 30’s to 40’s) The female lead –  featured songs.
  • Jim (Don Juan) – Tenor/Baritone (plays 20’s to 40’s) The Principal Dancer – featured songs.
  • Susie (Carmen) – Dancer who is replaced by Betty.

Speaking roles that will all double in the Ensemble.

  • Sidney – Electrician
  • Dario – Conductor
  • George – 2nd Assistant Stage Manager
  • Chris – Rehearsal Pianist
  • Milton – Drummer
  • Stu – Bass Fiddle Player
  • Buzz – Principal Dancer
  • Mr. Harrison – Producer (Possible VO)
  • Miss Davenport – Choreographer (Possible VO)
  • Hilda – Aspiring Dancer
  • Marcia – Aspiring Dancer
  • Sadie – Usher
  • Mildred – Usher


  • Ensemble – Company, Stage Crew, Audience, Theater Patrons – the ensemble takes on many roles to help tell the full story of the life of a show in production – featured lines and short solos among the choral singing.