upcoming season
by Scottish Rite Theater

Aug. 17 - Aug. 19 (2022)

Auditions for a role in upcoming season with Scottish Rite Theater on Aug 17 through Aug 19.

Auditions for Austin Scottish Rite Theater 20222-2023 Season



Wednesday, August 17, 2022: 5-9 pm

Thursday, August 18: 5-9 pm

Friday, August 19: 12-4 pm

Callbacks will be invitation only on Wednesday, August 24: 5-9 pm.

**Digital Auditions are also available if these dates don't work.


AUDITION LOCATION: Austin Scottish Rite Theater at 207 West 18th Street, Austin, Texas, 78701.




CONTACT: Deanna Belardinelli, Artistic Director, email: info@scottishritetheater.org, Phone 512-472-5436.



·      Actors prepare a monologue from a script.

·      Actors prepare 32 bars of a song from a musical, and a way to play the music.

·      Please bring 1 copy each of your headshot and resume if you have them.


 **Digital Audition Info**

- Unlisted YouTube video links containing: 1 minute monologue and 1 minute vocal selection.

*Video should show performers from at least the waist up and be well lit with the angle of the camera directly at eye level. Please do not sing to the camera, but just to the right or left. Please keep in mind that this is a stage audition, and not a film audition.




(via SRT)Rosita y Conchita: a Día de los Muertos Play in English and Spanish (SEP 29 – OCT 30, 2022)


 Two sisters try to reunite on the Day of the Dead. Along the way Rosita follows familiar sights, sounds and smells in her quest to find Conchita. Kids of all ages will love the rhyming bilingual dialogue, music, puppetry, and images. Based on the award-winning children’s book Rosita y Conchita by Erich Haeger and Eric González. Adapted for the stage in collaboration with Megan Ortiz, Gricelda Silva, Jesus Valles, Alexis Herrera, Chris Ledesma, Peter Mendoza, and Susan Gayle Todd.


Rehearsals Start: Aug 29, 2022

Tech: Sep 24 - Sep 28


Thurs/Fri - 10am + 12pm: Sep 29 - Oct 28

Sat/Sun - 11am + 1pm: Oct 2 - Oct 30



MUERTE Narrator, connected to both worlds of the play and to the audience. They are a prankster who both helps and hinders Rosita in her quest to reach her sister.


ROSITA Sister to CONCHITA; ROSITA has passed away. She journeys through the day to find her living sister.


CONCHITA Sister to ROSITA; CONCHITA is living. She labors throughout the day, making an altar to coax her sister to her.



Junie B Jones in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells (NOV 26 – DEC 18, 2022)

Based on the popular chapter book, ASRT presents Junie B on stage as she struggles to take revenge on her nemesis “tattle-tale” May. This is a hilarious and heartwarming holiday tale.

By Allison Gregory

Based on the book by Barbara Park


Rehearsals start: Oct 24th

Tech: Nov 19 - Nov 23


Thurs/Fri - 10am + 12pm: Dec 1 - Dec 16

Sat/Sun - 11am + 1pm: Nov 26 - Dec 18



Junie B Jones, a first grader

May, a classmate

Mr. Scary, the teacher

Herb, Junie B's best friend

Lucille, a rich kid

José, a classmate

Sheldon, a classmate




Pippi Longstocking (FEB 16 – MAR 12, 2023)

Pippi Longstocking is a scrappy 9-year-old little girl who asks a lot of questions and always put bullies in their place. Along with a horse on the porch, a monkey in the kitchen and her best friends Tommy and Annika, this freckle faced, red-pigtailed, whirlwind of a girl in mismatched stockings is a delight for both children and adults.Join Pippi and her friends as they indulge in a villa-full of zany antics!


Rehearsals start: Jan 9, 2023

Tech: Feb 11 - Feb 15


Thurs/Fri - 10am + 12pm: Feb 16 - Mar 10

Sat/Sun - 11am + 1pm: Feb 18 - Mar 12



Pippi Longstocking, opinionated, strong-minded child, with the biggest heart imagineable

Annika Settergren, Pippi’s neighbor/Tommy’s sister

Tommy Settergren, Pippi’s neighbor/Annika’s brother

Ms. Pryssileus, A social worker who wants what she thinks is best for Pippi

The following Roles will be double-cast:

Thunder, The Robber/Klang, The Police Officer

Bloom, The Robber/Larsson, the Police Officer

Strongman/Manager/Captain Longstocking

Ms. Settergren/Sailor


(via SRT)Jungle Book: Jangal Ki Kahani (APR 20 – MAY 14, 2023)

 Presenting a fresh Bollywood-styled take on Rudyard Kipling’s beloved classic! This original tale features Mowgli in new adventures learning life lessons from his jungle family.

Based on Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book

Adapted for the stage by Susan Gayle Todd


Rehearsals start: Mar 20, 2023

Tech: Apr 15 - Apr 19


Thurs/Fri - 10am + 12pm: Apr 20 - May 12

Sat/Sun - 11am + 1pm: Apr 22 - May 14



Mowgli, a boy raised by wolves

Raksha, Mowgli’s mother, a wolf

Bhaloo, a bear

Bagheera, a panther

Sheer, a tiger

Saanp Kaa, a snake

Hathi, an elephant

Bandar, a monkey