Sherwood Forest Faire
by Sherwood Forest Faire

Aug. 09 - Sep. 18 (2022)

We bring the legends of the Middle Ages to life right here in Central Texas.

(portrait by Vince Strickland)Ha-ha-ha! Robin Hood here, from Sherwood Forest Faire!
This September 17th and 18th, the merry band and I are holding AUDITIONS for our 2023 Springtime faire. Come join our CAST of interactive characters as The faire lasts for 8 weekends in March and April, and our cast rehearsals are held on the 6 weekends before we open.
Casting directors Zane and Gamble are now accepting inquiries from those who wish to help us create a medieval adventure for thousands of excited faire-goers. Just contact them via FaceBook Messanger with a group message between yourself and the both of them:
If using Messenger is not possible for you, simply text them instead at
512-731-2316 -Zane
385-232-9155 -Gamble
In addition to your message, we would also like those interested in auditioning to join the following group:
Here you will be asked three questions so we can get started finding the best roles for you to try out for.
Our auditions will be held remotely by video call, also through Messenger. Other arrangements can be made if using Messenger is not possible for you.
Once you've joined the group and contacted the directors, they will set up an interview with you on one of two days:
Sat September 17th or Sun September 18th, 2022
Many thanks for your interest in performing with the Sherwood Forest Faire Cast. Come help us out on a great show!
Yours truly,
->>>-------Robin Hood--------<>
Captain of the Merry Band
[Portrait by Vance Strickland]