The Job Job
by Hyde Park Theatre

Aug. 06 - Aug. 13

Cassius just got his first job, and it's a real JOB JOB!  It involves something about Climate Change and it’s maybe somewhere near El Paso, but when his mom, Vicky, takes it upon herself to investigate this supposed job-job's shady border dealings, Cassius has to decide what he's willing to do to succeed in the professional world and keep his place on "The Island."

Hyde Park Theatre casting call:

a staged reading of The Job Job by Patrick Shaw 

Directed by Alexandra Bassiakou Shaw 

Dramaturgy by Megan Thornton

The process:
We will be workshopping this full-length tragicomedy Aug 28-30th, 2022 at Hyde Park Theatre with one public presentation of a staged reading on Aug 30th at 8pm. Up to 8 hours of rehearsal, rehearsal times TBA. Fee: $100
Interested actors please email Megan:


Seeking actor with ASD/Asberger's/"on the spectrum," age 20-35, masc, white/latino, to play the central character CASSIUS in staged reading.  CASSIUS -  28, Male, White, UT grad, but has never had a job because the job market is so messed up!  Lives with his energetically Texan mother - his closest and main relationship - and is obsessed with the show Survivor, which he thinks holds a lot of the keys to success in this world.