Speaking of the Dead
by Gaslight Baker Theatre

Jun. 26 - Jun. 28 (2022)

Speaking of the Dead: Intriguing Stories of Caldwell County's Past
A Night of Biographical and Historical Stories
A Coproduction With the Caldwell County Historical Commission
Directed by Eric Beck

The Gaslight-Baker Theatre is holding auditions for Speaking of the Dead: Intriguing Stories of Caldwell County's Past. This popular local event is being moved from its usual cemetery location to our stage, and GBT will be handling the casting and staging of this year's event, which will have four performances over a single weekend.
Each person cast in the show will deliver a four- to seven-minute monologue from the point of view of a real-life person from the county's past. The show will consist of 12-14 of these monologues, along with other elements (music, lighting, etc.). 
The cast of characters in this year's production include Colonel A.D. Baker, the founder of the Baker Theatre; Edgar B. Davis, businessman and philanthropist who has a hospital in his name; and Azie Taylor Morton, an African American woman who served as the Treasurer of the United States in the Carter administration. The other characters are less famous but no less notable.
The historical commission has provided scripts for the historical figures being portrayed. These scripts will be adapted to fit the individual performers, who will be asked to work with the director fine-tune their monologues.
We are also looking for production crew. If you have interest in helping with sound, lighting, music, or any other element of the production, please feel free to come to auditions.
Performers do not need to have onstage experience to be cast in this show. 
Performance dates and times:
Friday, August 26, 8pm
Saturday, August 27, 2pm and 8pm
Sunday, August 28, 2pm
Audition dates and times:
Sunday, June 26, 1-3pm
Tuesday, June 28, 6:30-8:30pm
Audition instructions:
Auditions will consist of a monologue provided by the director
Audition and performance location:
Gaslight-Baker Theatre
216 S. Main St.