upcoming season
by Texas Comedies

Mar. 03 - Mar. 12 (2022)

We are an Austin-based group that tours periodically in Texas with history-based musical comedies.  


Musical comedy audition

 From John Cecil:

Wanted: One male and one female performer needed for Texas Comedies shows.  

Comic acting, singing, and some dance in these shows.  We are doing Bonnie & Clyde, Prohibition and Boomtown this spring (see website for show descriptions -- click HERE).


(via texascomedies.com)


These shows are paying gigs; we provide transportation, etc. We are doing several out-of-town dates in April - June to general audiences.  It’s a very unique performing experience, with a fun, flexible team.  

When: We're doing auditions in next 10 days. We need to fill a role for shows April 2-4 and possibly May.

To get involved: Send resumes; pics and/or any video material if available to: John@texascomedies.com