Murder on the Orient Express
by Georgetown Palace Theatre

Feb. 06

Famous detective Hercule Poirot is called back from Istanbul to London on urgent business. While aboard the Orient Express Poirot meets a host of peculiar characters: an aging Russian princess, her Swedish companion, a Hungarian countess, a Minnesota housewife, a Scottish colonel, an English governess, a French conductor, a disagreeable American businessman, and his anxious secretary. 

Just after midnight, a snowdrift stops the Orient Express in its tracks somewhere in the forests of Yugoslavia. The luxurious train is surprisingly full for the time of the year, but by the morning, it is one passenger fewer. An American lies dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times, his door locked from the inside. Isolated and with a killer in their midst, detective Hercule Poirot must identify the murderer – before he or she decides to strike again.

 Adapted for the stage from Agatha Christie’s classic masterpiece by Tony-Award-winning playwright Ken Ludwig, this clever adaptation boasts all the glamour, intrigue and suspense of the celebrated novel, with added energy and a healthy dose of humor.  

Director: Gerry Hansen
Stage Manager: Maria Kruger

The production will open Friday, April 8, 2022 and close Sunday, May 8, 2022.  

Casting 5 identifying males and 5 identifying females

  • Please prepare TWO different monologues from the character descriptions below. These monologues should be done in the appropriate accent/dialect that is listed. Each link will take you to a folder that includes a monologue and the dialect examples. It does not have to be memorized but should be prepared. 
  • Accent/dialect work is important in this show. Please give your best attempt at the correct accent for each character you audition for. Perfection isn’t necessary, but we need to see how well you pick it up.
  • All stage kissing will be staged by the director of this production.
  • This is a murder-mystery but the show has many comedic elements. Comedic timing will be taken into account.
  • We welcome and encourage all ethnicities to audition that are at least 18 years of age. 
  • Callbacks will consist of conversational sides and you may be asked to read any monologues from the initial audition to try out different accents.

Character Descriptions:

Hercule Poirot – Male – BELGIAN ACCENT  – Mature. World famous Belgian detective, authoritative, meticulous, witty, oddly charismatic and slightly pompous.  Strong moral compass.  Driven to find the answers, good or bad.  Proud of his abilities and his well deserved reputation. HERCULE POIROT MONOLOGUE

Monsieur. Bouc – Male – BELGIAN ACCENT  Director of the Compagnie internationale des Wagons-Lits railway, which owns and operates the luxurious Orient Express.  Poirot’s friend and countryman, he is a man of good humor, proud, generous, and a whirlwind of energy. An excellent host with a love of luxury and grandeur, he takes great pride in his train. M. BOUC MONOLOGUE 

Mary Debenham – Female – BRITISH ACCENT  A governess.  Anxious, but also cool and determined.  Capable yet romantic.  There is a sadness around her eyes, and a hardness about her person.  NOTE: The actor playing this role must be comfortable kissing on stage. She will kiss Colonel Arbuthnot. MARY DEBENHAM MONOLOGUE

Hector McQueen – Male – AMERICAN ACCENT  Secretary and assistant to businessman Samuel Ratchett.  Tightly wound, edgy and nervous, always seems to be on the verge of breaking down or falling apart. HECTOR MCQUEEN MONOLOGUE

Michel the Conductor- Male – FRENCH ACCENT  – 40+. Competent and organized conductor for the first class carriages of the Orient Express. Handles himself well in a crisis and is very good at his job.  Hard-working and unfailingly polite. Grave sense of humor.  NOTE: This actor will also double as the Head Waiter at the Tokatlian Hotel. MICHEL & HEAD WAITER MONOLOGUE

Princess Dragomiroff – Female – RUSSIAN ACCENT  – 65-80.  Displaced aging Russian nobility.  Wealthy and formal.  A sweeping, impressive presence.  Imperial, intimidating and impatient.  A battleship.  Arrogant, and accustomed to getting her way.  Elderly, but has great determination. PRINCESS DRAGOMIROFF MONOLOGUE

Greta Ohlsson – Female – SWEDISH ACCENT  A Catholic missionary and nursemaid, currently serving as a companion to Princess Dragomiroff.  Inherently odd.  Religiously devout.  Plain, with a sheepish, almost frightened quality.  GRETA OHLSSON MONOLOGUE 

Countess Andrenyi – Female – HUNGARIAN ACCENT  – 25-35. Brilliant & beautiful.  Educated as a physician before marrying royalty.  Impeccably dressed with a charming warmth that wins over everyone she meets.  Her delicacy belies a steely edge. COUNTESS ANDRENYI MONOLOGUE

Mrs. Helen Hubbard – Female – MINNESOTAN ACCENT  – Middle age. Eccentric, bold, outspoken and flamboyant. Jovial, deliciously nosy and brash, often flirtatious.  He talks to anyone, even if they don’t want to listen.  Unapologetic.  A great actress. NOTE: The actor playing Mrs. Hubbard will also need to sing (a cappella) & dance.  Please be prepared to demonstrate a bit of each during the audition process. HELEN HUBBARD MONOLOGUE

Colonel Arbuthnot – Male – SCOTTISH ACCENT  Strapping military man.  Matter of fact, strong-willed and occasionally tender. Has a temper and takes charge when he needs to.  NOTES: This actor will double with Samuel Ratchett.  The actor playing this role must be comfortable kissing on stage. He will kiss Mary Debenham. COLONEL ARBUTHNOT MONOLOGUE

Samuel Ratchett – Male – AMERICAN ACCENT  American businessman with a gangster’s edge, evil and frightening. Stern demeanor, brusque, pushy, domineering, unforgiving. SAMUEL RATCHETT MONOLOGUE

Head Waiter – Male – TURKISH ACCENT  Head Waiter at the Tokatlian Hotel Café in Istanbul. Snooty, dismissive, elitist. Smooth and efficient. A perfectionist at his job. Name dropper.  NOTE: This actor will double with Michel, the Conductor. MICHEL & HEAD WAITER MONOLOGUE 

Auditions will be held Sunday, February 6, 2022 with callbacks on Monday, February 7. Callbacks will be by invitation only and are posted on the Palace website. If you cannot make auditions, please email Productions@GeorgetownPalace.Com and we will try to accommodate. 

Auditions are located in the Palace Playhouse 216 W. 8th street Georgetown TX 78626. Initial Auditions and Callbacks will both be on the Playhouse stage.

Auditions are scheduled online via the Palace website. You will fill out the audition form, sign up for a time, and fill out the conflict calendar, as well as upload a headshot and resume. Questions should be emailed to

You will receive an email confirming your appointment. If you are unable to attend any of the audition times, please send us an email and we will try to work with you to schedule an alternative time.

Click HERE to fill out the form!

Rehearsals will begin on/around February 21st. We will distribute scripts the week after auditions. 

Rehearsals are typically held Monday through Thursday from 7:00-10:00 pm and Saturday 1:00-5:00 pm. Performances are Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm, and Sundays at 2 pm.   

Background checks: Everyone involved with the production must submit to a background check at the Palace’s expense. If you are cast, you will receive a secure link where you can fill it out. There is no cost to you.

Health and Safety Protocols: 

The Georgetown Palace currently requires masks for all patrons, front of house staff, performers, crew, and musicians during all performances.

However, masks are optional for performers, crew, and musicians who have a weekly negative PCR test on file with the Stage Manager. 

We’re constantly monitoring and evaluating our policies and will update them based on guidance from the CDC.

The Georgetown Palace Theatre is a 501c3 non-profit organization. There is no compensation for any of the actors.  

The Georgetown Palace Theatre is committed to creating an inclusive and safe environment in which all community members feel a sense of belonging and does not discriminate in casting practices on the basis of an individual’s ethnicity, age, gender, physical and cognitive ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, country of origin, or other factors.  

If you have any questions, please email