Bluebonnet Road
by Louise Richardson

Jan. 24 - Jan. 31

The year is 1979. The month is April. Noah Trundle (27) is a fairly successful singer/songwriter in Austin, Texas. In his rusty old pickup truck picks up his divorced mother Olive (47) in front of her Austin home along with his brother JoJo (19), a budding musician, and JoJo’s girlfriend Misty Strand (17) for a journey to Olive’s old family farm a few miles away to spread the ashes of her father. The problem is that the farm may be under water since the river was dammed years earlier. They all pile in the truck with Olive driving, Misty by her side and the guys singing in the back bed. They head out into the country with bluebonnet flowers lining the road.

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Here’s a synopsis with links to songs:
“Bluebonnet Road”
Book by Louise Richardson
Songs by Louise Richardson, Ron Kewin and Richard Paul Thomas (RpT)
Musical Production by RpT
Musicians: RpT and Rick Bell
Olive: Louise Richardson
Noah: RpT
JoJo: Rick Bell
Misty: Tamara Harper Shetron
Act I
In the play Olive stops the truck mid song and Noah jumps out and asks her while she stopped. She has doubts about the trip but they all continue on their way as Noah and JoJo finish the title song.
They find the farm where a friend of Noah’s lefter a pontoon boat for them to use in their search. They find the boat, climb aboard and launch it, and sail for a landmark tree called “Comanche Oak”. Noah sings a song of adventure while others express their doubts as it begins to rain.
They think they spy “Comanche Oak” and the guys sing a song they made up about it when JoJo was a child.
Misty is cold and bored in the long ride upstream in the drizzling rain. JoJo plays the hero and comforts her.
They reach an island in the rising river where they see “Comanche Oak” but damage the boat’s propeller on landing. Noah vows to fix it. Meanwhile, they are stranded, so JoJo and Misty explore the island while Olive and Noah sit on boulders and talk. Olive is doubtful if finding the old farm.
“You Can’t Go Home Again”
We see JoJo and Misty returning behind them. JoJo asks Misty to slip away with him into the moonlight sometime. She surprises him with her answer.
Noah thinks he can pound the boat’s propeller back into shape with a rock, so he goes to the boat.
When JoJo and Misty return Olive tells JoJo how proud his grandfather was of her sons and their music. JoJo sings to her how his music is the future, kand when Noah returns JoJo taunts his brother with it.
Olive notices something Misty has in her hand and asks to see it. Misty comes forward and shows Olive an old horseshoe she found on their walk. It has a string of costume jewelry tied to it. Olive recognizes it as a keepsake having once belonged to her horse Pinto from the old farm. They have found the farm.
They decide to hold the ceremony and sprinkle the grandfather’s ashes. Noah reads a request from the will.
“Let Me See The Bluebonnets Before I Die”
Noah sprinkles the ashes and the boat is ready for them to get back to the shore but lightning strikes the motor and the gasoline tank blows up. Noah asks them to trust him that will figure a way to get home. JoJo is doubtful. Olive and Misty ask JoJo to help Noah.
In frustration Noah asks JoJo to come up with an idea to get them home. Olive and Misty look at Noah in disbelief.
There is a brief blackout.
Act II
When the lights come up again JoJo is poling the boat along with a tree branch while they all ride along. Noah is singing a song about Texas floods that does not make everyone feel at ease.
Noah admits JoJo had a good idea getting a pole to guide them back to the far shore. JoJo decries being underestimated.
During the song JoJo mentions the sister, Lacey, who died before he was born. Olive has tried to forget the tragedy and the song triggers her. Misty sympathies with her and she tells Misty about Lacey.
Noah finds another pole to use for guiding the boat, so he and JoJo can work together to get everyone home.
“Sailing Home” (“Sailing On” reprise)
They finally get to shore and Noah figures they only have a mile or so to walk back to the 🛻 pickup. They get out and walk. JoJo feels put upon by everyone, so Misty comforts him.
Olive, walking behind the young ones, asks her missing ex-husband if they were once so in love and what happened to them.
“What A Fool I Was To Lose You”
Finally they find the old pickup and ride home with Olive driving, Noah beside her and the lovers in the back bed, bluebonnets lining their way to the sunset.
“Bluebonnet Road” (reprise)