upcoming season
by River City Pops

Jan. 14 - Jan. 31

We are Austin’s Premier Show Choir! We were originally founded in 1984 by University of Texas Longhorn Singers Alumni, but our current members come from all over. We are proud to be a diverse group of adults who love to sing and dance. Each year we put on a combination of main-stage shows and performances in the community. You can find us monster mashing in October, caroling in December, and putting on a full-scale production in the spring. We are a uniquely collaborative group, working together to create a brand new show that is 100% River City Pops every time.

Our Mission

River City Pops' mission is to provide enjoyable, family-appropriate, affordable entertainment to diverse groups of people in the Austin area and encourage awareness/support for local charitable organizations.

River City Pops' vision is to be a recognized leader in affordable entertainment that supports local performers, professional artists and charitable organizations; ensuring access to the arts for all ages, encouraging a passion for the arts, successfully supporting, partnering, and collaborating with other artists.


Auditions for the River Pops 2022 Season

(www.rivercitypops.org)Welcome! We are so excited that you are interested in becoming a member of River City Pops. Auditions are exclusively virtual this year, and directions are below.

Submit your information via this Google form. (But read the rest of the directions first!) We just need the basics - name, contact information, and how you heard about us! The name and photo associated with your Google account will also be recorded in the form.

  1. You will need to upload BOTH a vocal audition video and a dance video audition (2 videos total) to the form, so you should film those before you fill it out.

  2. The vocal submission should be no more than 1 minute in length. You can use your time any way you choose - feel free to include one song for a full minute, cuts from two different songs, etc. Sing in the style(s) that most suit your voice. Vocal auditions can be a cappella or with a track. Be creative!

  3. You can find the choreography for the dance submission HERE. We have provided a few different levels of the choreography. Please choose the one you are most comfortable with, whether you are a trained dancer, a singer who moves, or a performer with limited mobility. Learn the combination and then film yourself performing it. Don’t worry about perfection - we are looking for your ability to follow direction, have rhythm and give a great performance. Have fun with it!

  4. All auditions are due (via the Google Form) by January 31st. If you have any questions, please email board@rivercitypops.org.

We cannot wait to view your auditions. Thank you for singing and dancing with us!

If you would like to try us out (visit a rehearsal), let us know by contacting info@rivercitypops.org.

Audition Form