Now and Then
by Playhouse 2000

Nov. 28 - Nov. 29

One night in 1981, just as Jamie is closing the bar where he works, a desperate last-minute customer offers him and his girlfriend Abby two thousand dollars to sit and have a drink with him, and the reason he gives them is completely unbelievable.  When a very displeased second stranger arrives, the unbelievable begins to seem like the truth.  Now and Then is a heartfelt romantic comedy about the costs of the choices we make, and the impact on people who make those choices with us.

Sean Grennan is the writer of the hilarious Making God Laugh, which was a popular part of Playhouse 2000’s Season 2017.

Auditions for Now and Then

A Romantic Comedy by Sean Grennan

Directed by R Sheldon Boyce

Sarah Brooks, Stage Manager


“4 Actors, 2 Characters, 3 love stories – 1 happy ending”.


Roles Available:

  • Jamie: (plays late 20’s – early 30’s) Bartender and aspiring pianist.  Attractive in a “Regular Guy” way.  Sincere, hard-working, very much in love with “Abby.”
  • Man: (plays late 50’s – 60’s) A bit beaten down but a good natured guy.  Easy to talk to, well-spoken, sincere, and very intent on his mission tonight.  Husband of 35 years to “Woman.”
  • Abby: (plays late 20’s – early 30’s) IHOP waitress and one-time English major. Funny, smart, and very much in love with “Jamie.”
  • Woman: (plays same age as “Man” – or a bit younger.) Strong, direct, loving, a little coarse. She has been married to “Man” for 35 years.  She and ‘Man’ bicker, but there is a bedrock of love there.


Sunday, November 28 , 2021 at 2:30

Monday, November 29 at 6:30

The Werlein Annex Studio

Cold readings, no advance preparation necessary


December 6 to 17, 2021

January 3 to 28, 2022

Monday to Friday, times TBD

Tech Week: Sunday, January 30 to Thursday, February 3, times TBD


February 4, 5, 11, 12, 18 and 19 , 2022 at 7:30, February 13 and 20 at 2:30

The VK Garage Theater