Voices Matter
by Emily Kathleen

Oct. 06 - Oct. 20

Voices Matter comes from a very personal place as it illustrates my experiences as a survivor of child abuse, domestic abuse and sexual assault. The three short plays and the album reflects on how I have navigated through my PTSD, mental health struggles and other obstacles as a disabled person, ultimately coming to learn to advocate for myself. Voices Matter is the central piece in a program developed as a showcase to those who have not themselves learned the tools of self-advocacy. Our partnerships with SAFE Austin furthers this mission with informative and introspective talkbacks following each performance.

Voices Matter is a narrative play anthology of 4 part 1 act short plays. We are looking for the following roles and a director for each 1 act play. We can have several directors 4, 1 per short play or 1 director for the full project. We are a sponsored project of ACA and are in collaboration with safe Austin on this project. We will start rehearsal at st lukes church in January then perform the show at an out door theatre end of March early April. There will only be one performance of this show. There will be live music played between each short play. It will be a black.box style of outdoor theatre. Due


EMAIL ekathleenc@gmail.com

We are working on and looking to cast both actors and a director. Please review the project and let me know if you are interested in auditioning for a role via video audition or being a director in the show. Due to us having no budget actors and directors will each receive a tax ride off letter for there time. It would be a donation of time to a charity type of thing which can help you at your taxes at the end of the year.

Here is the breakdown of the show with the roles. Please reply to this email with the name of the play and role you want to act in or if your interested on directing.  

Part 1 of Voices Matter is a narrative short play anthology with four original pieces. The first play, "I Don't Know", focuses on a marital discussion around having a baby. The wife, an abuse survivor, worries she’ll inflict the cycle of abuse she experienced onto her child. She tells her struggles of rape, abuse and the ensuing PTSD.The husband is the light in this play who helps empower her, teach her how to advocate for herself and their child. It offers education on how those who are abused can go on past the pain to lead healthy and happy lives.Casting the role of the HUSBAND a kind and smart soul. Who has love and compassion for his wife on her breakdown. He is there to love and support her and he shows the light in the world. Age range for role is late 20 to 40. Looking for a DIRECTOR for this project as well.

The second play, “Clusterfuck”, takes place in a classroom to show how the education system fails, and even abuses their students due to lack of financial resources and teachers who would rather bully and belittle a disabled student than take the time to understand how to teach them. Casting the role of TERRY a mid 50 to 60 teacher who is eun down by life and verbally abusive to his students with disabilities. We are ALSO looking for a DIRECTOR for this play as well.

The third play, “Whatever, Lets Zoom it”, is a mock Zoom call between two best friends helping each other find strength against their domestic abuse. that offers female empowerment against domestic abuse.We are ONLY looking for a DIRECTOR for this play.


The fourth play, "The Stalker”, is a conversation in heaven between a woman who was murdered by her narcissistic, abusive stalker and her grandmother about the warning signs that people missed.We are ONLY looking for a DIRECTOR for this project.

If you are interested in getting involved in the project please re send your headshot to a reply to this email, as well as send your actors reel and reply with your theatre acting experience and why you want to be involved in this project!