The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity
by Zach Theatre

Sep. 26 - Oct. 01

The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity is a dramatic comedy following the life of wrestler  Macedonio Guerra. As a lifelong fan, he has followed wrestling only to become a “jobber,” one who is paid to lose to bigger-name stars in the ring. Macedonio meets Vigneshwar Paduar, a  young Indian man from Brooklyn, with whom he wants to team up. 

The wrestling execs go for it but pitch them as “terrorists” in the ring. Macedonio and  Vigneshwar find a way to push the personas to the limits and say what needs to be said.  Unspoken racism, politics, and courage are all woven into this play that leaves it all on the mat. 

Script by Kristoffer Diaz 

Directed by Jerry Ruiz 


ZACH Theatre is currently seeking talented actors of all ethnicities for our upcoming production of The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity. Actors local to the Austin, Texas area are particularly encouraged to submit. Due to current COVID – 19 restrictions audition video submissions will be accepted in lieu of in-person auditions. 



Rehearsals begin January 22, 2022. Performances begin February 16, 2022, and close March 6,  2022, with seven shows per week: Wednesdays through Sundays at 7:30 pm and Saturday and  Sundays at 2:30 pm.  



ZACH is intending to operate as a fully vaccinated workplace per the guidance issued by Actors  Equity. AEA members will be expected to follow strict health and safety protocols set forth in accordance with Actors Equity Associations guidelines.  



Please film your audition, beginning with a slate, followed by a 1-minute contemporary monologue. Submit your video, headshot, and resume by clicking here.

Please film your audition in front of a clean background, with no backlighting. As much as possible, limit ambient noise including air conditioners and other electronics.  

Submission Deadline: Friday, October 1st at 6 pm Central Time


  • MACEDONIO GUERRA (also known as THE MACE) -A Puerto Rican professional wrestler. Good  at what he does, undersized, our hero. Must excel at verbal storytelling and handling language.  Combat and movement skills are also a plus. 
  • EVERETI K. OLSON (also known as EKO) - The Caucasian owner of THE Wrestling. Brash,  confident, ostensibly our villain. EKO has a sense of panache and showmanship in the ring, but  he is a cunning strategist when it comes to running his company. 
  • CHAD DEITY (also known as CHAD DEITY) - The African-American champion of THE Wrestling.  Confident, handsome, not a very good wrestler. Chad is very charming and has a very healthy ego; one could see him being a movie star someday. 
  • VIGNESHWAR PADUAR (also known as VP) -A young Indian-American Brooklynite. Charismatic,  natural, effortless. He has a youthful swagger that makes him incredibly appealing to Mace,  THE Wrestling fans, and women alike. 
  • THE BAD GUY - A non-descript professional wrestler (non-speaking; also plays BILLY  HEARTLAND and OLD GLORY).


[cover illustration from Samuel French edition of the play]