Voices Matter
by Emily Kathleen

Jun. 07 - Jun. 21

The show Voices Matter raises awareness against child abuse, domestic abuse, stalking, mental health and those with disabilities. 


This first show was a live pre recorded theatre show that will have a virtual viewing July 7th.


-1 female age range 20s to early 30s (any race) 
- 1 male age range 20s to early 3pm (any race) 
- 1 male age range 50s to 60s (any race) 
- 1 female age range 50s to 60s (any race) 

Looking for hard working and passionate theatre actors with experience acting in the theatre who respect the script by saying the lines as written and the project. Who can follow direction and respect the writer, director and producer. Looking to get actors information early and get to know them as an artist and person. 

There will most likely be some pay. However we are a small non profit. If there is no pay you will get a tax ride off as an IN KIND donation to lower your taxes. 

Voices Matter is a 4 narrative 1 act plays. Total of 2 hours long show. 

We will have a Q&A after the show with Safe Austin and time of sharing with the director Emily Kathleen. 

The show will start rehearsal in about 3 to 4 months. Doing some re writes.  Rehearsal will run 2 months. With 1 night performance. 

Looking for hard working theatre actors. Send me your head shots, resume and reels. Subject line Voices Matter theatre show.