The Amorous Ambassador
by Circle Arts Theatre

Feb. 07 (2021)

Laugh until you cry with this fast paced, ridiculous comedy of lies, excuses and mistaken identities. When an Ambassador and each of his family members say they’re going out of town for the weekend, but actually have plans to stay in for their own secret rendezvous, the results are nothing short of hilarious.
By Michael Parkman, published byConcord Theatricals





We will do cold readings as well as some improvs.

If unable to audition on the date listed, please call 830-620-4848 for an appointment to audition at a different time.

The Amorous Ambassador

Auditions February 7th, 2021 at 7pm 

Plays weekends April - 25, 2021

Please call 830-620-4848 or 830-837-6172 if you have any questions.

Click HERE to download audition form in MS Word (.docx).