Rocky Horror Show Shadow Cast
by Waco Civic Theatre

Sep. 27 - Sep. 28 (2020)

Wait... what exactly is a "Shadow Cast"?  Besides a lot of fun, a shadow cast is a group of people --costumed as the on screen characters -- dancing, miming, and getting into hijinx while the movie plays on the screen behind them.  

* Please note the Rocky Horror Picture Show is rated R for sexual content and heavy adult language. All cast members must be 18 or older. Transylanians can be 17 with parental consent.

Waco Civic Theater

2020 Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast Auditions

Are you a creature of the night?

A wild and untamed thing?

Are you ready to do the Time Warp again?

Waco Civic Theater in partnership with Waco Hippodrome is looking for its 2020 Rocky Horror Shadow Cast!

Whether you've never seen it, or can quote it in your sleep, we encourage you to come out and audition for any role regardless of age*, race, shape, ability, identity, species, or home planet.

Now you’re probably thinking, “How can you do a Rocky Shadow Cast with everything going on right now?!” Trust us, we hear you. Keeping our performers and audience safe is just as important to us as putting on an entertaining show. So, we will be working on creative solutions to staging so that we can keep as socially distanced as possible. Additionally, the theater has been upgraded with a new air filtration system which filters and kills 99% of airborne viruses. The theater will also be operating at half seating capacity. 

Auditions will be held in small groups so we can (safely) cheer each other on. Please prepare a 1 minute lip sync performance to a song from the show. We're casting ALL characters so pick your favorite! There will also be a short "dance" audition. Spoiler: it's the Time Warp! (Don't worry. You don't have to be a dancer. We just want to see how you move.) Facemasks will be required at all times except during your lip sync. 

Performance dates and times are being finalized but will take place during Halloween Weekend--October 30th and 31st. There may be an additional performance on Thursday the 29th. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 

We shiver with antici... pation.

See you at auditions!

Jason Sanchez

Click HERE to sign up online.


Location: Waco Civic Theatre

1517 Lake Air Dr, Waco, TX 76710