Dracula (live radio play)
by Wimberley Players

Sep. 15 - Sep. 17 (2020)


It is 1888 and, in Whitby, England, Lucy Westenra has fallen ill. Her fiancée, Jack Seward has brought her to his sanitarium and called in a battery of physicians, but her condition worsens. Desperate, Jack sends for Van Helsing, a specialist in obscure diseases. Van Helsing's visit coincides with that of Jonathan Harker and his wife, Mina, who had been Seward's nurse, but resigned to care for Jon during his recent illness. Better now, Jon remarks that his law firm has purchased, for a Transylvanian client, the old Abbey next door to Seward's sanitarium. The client's name is Count Dracula. It was during his time in Transylvania that Jon fell ill, though most of his memory of the visit appears to have been erased. R.M. Renfield, a resident at the asylum, seems a lunatic, but Van Helsing perceives there is more to Renfield than meets the eye.

Audition Dates: Zoom auditions will be held on Sept. 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2020 from 3:00 pm.-7:00 pm. 

Production Dates:   Oct. 23rd, 24th, and 25th.  Friday and Sat. at 7:30 and Sun. at 2:30. This is a play in radio play format and will be performed with a live audience as well as streamed. 

Company/Venue: The Wimberley Players, Inc./ Wimberley Playhouse, 450 Old Kyle Rd., Wimberley


Director: Trish Rigdon

Process: Prepare a dramatic 1-2 minute monologue.  You will also be asked to read from sides provided 

electronically in a dropbox file. Ten-minute slots will be scheduled. Rehearsals begin Sept. 28th and will be 

scheduled 3-4 times per week.


Please schedule a reserved audition time slot by emailing the address below. 



DR. ABRAHAM VAN HELSING: a specialist in obscure diseases, mental illness and arcane ritual, and a vampire hunter (Dutch)

DR. JACK SEWARD: a psychiatrist and surgeon who owns and operates a sanitarium (Upper Middle-Class Estuary English)

BIRDIE: Dr. Seward's head housekeeper and maid (Yorkshire country English)


WILLIAMS: head attendant at Dr. Seward's sanitarium (Middle Class Yorkshire English)


JONATHAN HARKER: a solicitor with Peter Hawkins and Sons and Mina's husband; adores Mina (Upper-Middle Estuary English)

MINA HARKER: Jonathan Harker's wife, formerly a nurse at the sanitarium; intelligent and brave (Upper Middle -class Estuary English)


R.M. RENFIELD: a resident patient at the sanitarium; a zoophagous maniac; under Dracula’s influence (Yorkshire English)

LUCY WESTENRA: Jack Seward's fiancée; sleepwalker; slowly becoming a vampire after being bitten by Dracula multiple times (Upper Middle-Class Yorkshire English)


COUNT DRACULA: a boyar, a count, a vampire of the Szekely people who were originally from an ethnographic area in present day Romania, previously a self-governed territory in Transylvania, which became part of Hungary in 1867 and joined the Kingdom of Romania in 1920. He is generations older than the decade in which he lives so his accent and demeanor reflects his noble aristocratic roots not the present Victorian era.

ANNOUNCER: radio announcer (Male or Female; American or British)


For information and to schedule audition, please email auditions@wimberleyplayers.org