Auditions for Playhouse 2000

May. 17 - May. 18 (2020)

Quickly becoming popular across the US, The Outsider explores how the populace can sometimes be manipulated by political tricksters in the modern electoral landscape - and how maybe there's a better way to look at things. But it never gets mean-spirited, gaining its laughs from human foibles we all experience.

This hilarious play that "skewers politics and celebrates democracy" will now perform in July.
The new audition dates are Sunday and Monday, May 17 (at 2:30) and 18 (at 6:30), 2020 in the VK Garage Theater.
The show will start rehearsals on May 26 in preparation to go into Tech Week just after the July 4th Holiday.
Performances will now be July 10, 11, 17, 18, 19 (Matinee), 24, 25 and 26 Matinee.)
As before, the show will be directed by R. Sheldon Boyce, assisted by Amanda Radkiewicz.
Roles available include:
  • Ned Newley (50's or so) The new Governor - immensely capable but totally lacking in confidence.
  • Arthur Vance (50's or so) Political Consultant - one of the best - with an overbearing personality and huge ego but an infectious joy of living.
  • Paige Caldwell (30's/40's or so) A professional pollster - smart, confident - sees politics as a series of contests to be won;
  • Dave Riley (30's/40's or so) Chief of Staff to the new Governor of whatever state this is - endearing earnest and somewhat naive despite years of political experience;
  • Louise Peakes (20 to 60) The Temp hired to fill in for the Governor's assistant - personable, likeable, confident, and entirely inept.
  • Rachel Parsons (30's or so) A TV Reporter and true journalist - straightforward and honest, inquisitive by nature, and just a little bit cynical;
  • A. C. Petersen (any age) Rachel's camera man - working class guy with a low tolerance for idiots.
All of these ages and even some of the genders are suggestions, and there's a lot of latitude to get a variety of people involved.
We have some advance-reading copies of the play in the VK Garage office. Let us know by reply email that you'd like one, and we'll arrange a way for you to pick one up.
Here's hoping we're all together again soon! In the meanwhile, stay well, stay safe, and we'll see everyone when it makes sense.