by StageCenter Community Theatre

Feb. 09 (2020)

One of Shakespeare’s most famous and chilling plays that tells a story of what unchecked power and ambition can do. Following a long and bloody battle, a general named Macbeth receives a prophecy from dark and mysterious witches that one day he will become King. This prophecy is a seed that blossoms into the lust for power and naked ambition. Macbeth and his wife embark on a murderous rampage, killing anyone who gets in their way, regardless of age, gender, or friendship. A second prophecy from the same dark witches seems to ensure that the Macbeths’ power will be absolute, but power fueled by the blood of others will not go unopposed.

Written by Wiliam Shakespeare
Directed by Andrew Roblyer
​Underwritten by Alan Bryant

Auditions: Sunday, February 9th at 5 pm. Callbacks Monday, February 10th, at 7 pm.

Auditions will consist of monologue(s) (from a list available in advance) and possibly some movement exercises.
Memorization of monologues is preferred, but a working knowledge of the script(s) you wish to read is acceptable. 

Please arrive on time.

Invited Callbacks: February 10th at 7pm - Will consist of movement work and scenes from the script. (Note: this is not a night of open auditions, and will be open only to those who have been called back)

Monologues and scenes will be available on this page well in advance of auditions. Please check back soon.

Please read the following notices about this production:

  • All actors are encouraged to audition, regardless of experience level, race/ethnicity, disability, age*, or gender/gender identity. (*because of the subject matter, all actors must be 14 or older AND at least a freshman in high school; all actors under 18 will need a signed parental consent to participate)
  • Macbeth is a dark play that includes themes and depiction of betrayal, physical violence/murder (including one character learning that his entire family has been murdered), and sex/sexuality. Protocols will be put in place to create as safe of a rehearsal environment for this production as possible, but actors wishing to audition should be aware that these themes will be discussed during rehearsals.
  • Some roles will require on-stage romance and sensuality, including close physical proximity, stage kisses, touching, etc. Protocols will be put in place to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of these actors, and all who audition will have the opportunity to opt out of being considered for roles that involve these elements.
  • All roles are open to actors of all genders with the following exceptions:
    • Only actors identifying as male will be considered for the role of Macbeth
    • Only actors identifying as female will be considered for the role of Lady Macbeth
  • Generally, we will not be using dialects/accents for this production; please do not audition with an accent or dialect.
  • Please contact Andrew directly if you have scheduling conflicts with one or more of these dates and still wish to audition.



Tech week: March 27-April 1
Performances: April 2-4, 9-11, 16-18

Due to the fact that Andrew will be commuting from Houston for this show, we are going to use a rehearsal model that is a bit different than most are likely used to.

Rehearsals will take place Friday nights (~3hours), Saturday afternoon and evening (~6-7hrs), and the afternoon and evening on Sunday (~6-7hrs). It is possible that there will be some rehearsals on other nights if needed after casting and taking conflicts into account. Otherwise, weeknight evenings (and some Saturday mornings) will be reserved for design and tech work-times, which all cast members will be expected to attend for a minimum of 4 hours across the rehearsal period.

Conflicts: As a result of this rehearsal schedule, a single Saturday or Sunday conflict will be the equivalent of being absent from 2 rehearsals in a typical rehearsal schedule, so day-long conflicts may carry more weight than usual. That said, we recognize that not every cast member will need to be present every day or for the full time, and we are still more than willing to try and work around reasonable conflicts.


This production will utilize a post-apocalyptic aesthetic to bring one of Shakespeare’s most famous stories to life.

Because this is an all-volunteer community theatre production, there will be no financial compensation.

Currently seeking:

PROJECTION DESIGNER- This individual will work with the director and assistant director to create projected environments that will operate as part of the scenic and lighting design for this production. Experience with video game visual design and/or computer generated graphics is required, and experience with projections in a theatrical application is preferred. I am looking to begin this design process soon due to the scope of design, combined with the lack of time I know that many people (especially graduate students) who might be interested in participating in this process have. My hope is that a more relaxed timeline will make this a more enjoyable experience! Multiple people may apply together as a team, if they so choose.

To Apply:
Please send a cover letter, resume, and samples of work (online portfolio link is fine) to Your cover letter should include your email and cell phone numbers. Your resume should include any relevant experience, including theatrical experience in all areas (performance, design/production, direction/stage management, etc).