To Kill a Mockingbird
by Hill Country Theatre (HCT)

Jan. 21 - Jan. 22

Auditions for a role in To Kill a Mockingbird with Hill Country Theatre (HCT) on Jan 21 through Jan 22.

Auditions: To Kill A Mockingbird

January 21st and 22nd, 2019, 7 pm

You only need to attend one audition date  

​Buda Elementary

300 N San Marcos St, Buda, TX 78610

Sides will be provided at the audition for reading.  Historical Language will be present in this show. 

Shows dates are March 22, 23, 24 and March 29, 30, 31 2019 - Cast Members must make all dates.

Rehearsals will be two (2) nights a week following auditions at Buda Elementary

Any questions or concerns, please email

Jean Louise Finch - Adult version of Scout.  35 years old.  Narrator of the play. She comments on how she could not understand something at the time but now can appreciate it. “Scout” Finch - Middle School aged actress. She is a tomboy and spends the most of her time with her brother Jem and best friend Dill. To Jem's advice to pretend to be a lady and start sewing or something, she answers, "Hell, no”. She matures from age 6 to age 9 as the novel progresses but remains naive and idealistic, despite an increased understanding of human nature and racism in her town. 
“Jem” Finch - Jeremy Atticus "Jem" Finch is Atticus' son and Scout's older brother by four years. Middle school aged actor. Jem matures greatly throughout the course of the play, much more affected by events than Scout seems to be. Being four years Scout's senior, Jem is seen to have a greater understanding of - and therefore greater difficulty in navigating - the obstacles thrown their way. Jem is seen explaining many things to Scout throughout the play. 
Atticus Finch - Atticus Finch is the middle-aged father of Jem and Scout Finch. 30s-40s aged actor. He is a lawyer and was once known as "the deadliest shot in Maycomb County". Although he was a good shot, he does not like to mention the fact as he does not like the thought of having an advantage over people. He appears to support racial equality and was appointed to represent Tom Robinson, a black man who has been accused of raping a young white woman, Mayella Ewell. The town disapproves of him defending Tom especially when he makes clear his intent to defend Tom Robinson to the best of his abilities.
Calpurnia - Calpurnia, nicknamed Cal, is the Finch family's African-American housekeeper, whom the children love and Atticus deeply respects (he remarks in her defense that she "never indulged [the children] like most colored nurses”). 20s-30s aged actress. She is highly regarded by Atticus. She is an important figure in Scout's life, providing discipline, instruction, and love. She also fills the maternal role for the children after their mother's death. 
Maudie Atkinson - Miss Maude "Maudie" Atkinson lives across the street from the Finch family. She had known the Finches for many years, having been brought up on the Buford place, which was near the Finches' ancestral home, Finch's Landing. She is described as a woman of about 50 who enjoys baking and gardening; her cakes are especially held in high regard.
Stephanie Crawford - Stephanie Crawford is the neighborhood gossip who claimed that she saw Boo Radley from her bedroom standing outside of her cleaned window one night. 20s-30s aged actress. Crawford is one of the first on the scene after a loud gunshot is heard behind the Radley house. 
Mrs. Dubose - Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose is an elderly woman who lives near the Finches. She is hated by the children, who run by her house to avoid her. Scout describes Mrs. Dubose as "plain hell." A virulent racist. 
Nathan Radley - Nathan Radley is the brother of Arthur "Boo" Radley. 20s-30s aged actor.​Arthur "Boo" Radley -"Boo" Radley is a recluse. Maycomb children believe he is a horrible person, due to the rumors spread about him and a trial he underwent as a teenager. It is implied during the story that Boo is a very lonely man who attempts to reach out to Jem and Scout for love and friendship, such as leaving them small gifts and figures in a tree knothole. 20s-30s aged actor
Dill - Charles Baker "Dill" Harris is a short, smart boy who visits Maycomb every summer from Meridian, Mississippi, and stays with his Aunt Rachel. Dill is the best friend of both Jem and Scout, and his goal throughout the play is to get Boo Radley to come out of his house. Middle school aged actor.
 Heck Tate - Heck Tate is a friend of Atticus and also the sheriff of Maycomb County. He believes in protecting the innocent although he doesn't usually show it. 30s aged actor.
Judge Taylor - Judge John Taylor is a white-haired old man with a reputation for running his court in an informal fashion and an enjoyment of singing and dipping tobacco. He presides over the Tom Robinson trial showing great distaste for the Ewells and great respect for Atticus. 40s-50s aged actor.
​Rev. Sykes - Reverend Sykes is the reverend of the First Purchase M.E. African Church in Maycomb County, where most if not all of the African-American characters go to church. Reverend Sykes forces the congregation to donate 10 dollars for Tom Robinson's family since at the time, Tom's wife, Helen, was having trouble finding work. During the trial, when the courtroom was too packed for the children to find seats, Reverend Sykes lets the kids sit with him up in the colored balcony and even saves their seats for them. 30s aged actor.
Mayella Ewell - Mayella Violet Ewell, 19, is the oldest of the eight Ewell children. Before the trial, Mayella is noted for growing red geraniums outside her otherwise dirty home in order to bring some beauty into her life. Due to her family's living situation, Mayella has no opportunity for human contact or love. She eventually gets so desperate that she attempts to seduce a black man, Tom Robinson, by saving up nickels to send her siblings to go get ice cream so that Mayella can be alone with Tom.
Bob Ewell - Robert E. Lee "Bob" Ewell is the main antagonist of To Kill a Mockingbird. He has a daughter named Mayella and a younger son named Burris, as well as six other unnamed children. He is an alcoholic, poaching game to feed his family because he spends whatever money they legally gain via government "relief checks" on alcohol. It is implied, and evidence suggests, that he was the one who abused his daughter Mayella, not Tom Robinson. 40s aged actor.
Walter Cunningham - He leads the mob that comes to lynch Tom Robinson the night before the trial. 20s-30s aged actor. Mr. Gilmer - Mr. Horace Gilmer is a lawyer from Abbottsville, and is the prosecuting attorney in the Tom Robinson case. Mr. Gilmer is between the ages of forty and sixty. Mr. Gilmer has a slight cast with one eye, which he uses to his advantage in trial. 30s aged actor.
Tom Robinson - Thomas "Tom" Robinson is an African-American who is put on trial for the rape of a white woman, Mayella Ewell. 20s aged actor. 
Helen Robinson - Tom’s wife. 20s aged actress
​Various Townspeople and Farmers



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