Don't Dress for Dinner
by Georgetown Palace Theatre

Jan. 19

What could possibly go wrong?  Bernard is planning a romantic weekend with his chic Parisian mistress in his charming converted French farmhouse, whilst his wife, Jacqueline, is away. He has arranged for a cordon bleu cook to prepare gourmet delights and has invited his best friend, Robert, along too to provide the alibi. It’s foolproof;  Well…. suppose Robert turns up not realizing quite why he has been invited. Suppose Robert and Jacqueline are secret lovers, and consequently determined that Jacqueline will NOT leave for the weekend. Suppose the cook has to pretend to be the mistress and the mistress is unable to cook. Suppose everyone’s alibi gets confused with everyone else’s. An evening of hilarious confusion ensues as Bernard and Robert improvise at breakneck speed.  


Auditions will be held Saturday, January 19th from 4:00 to 6:00 pm in the Palace Playhouse.

Director: Jessie Drollette

Stage Manager: Maria Kruger

The production will open Friday, March 29th and close April 21st.  

Casting calls for 3 Men and 3 Women, and we’ll be performing this door-slamming delight on the (new) Palace Playhouse Stage.  

 Callbacks will be by invitation only on Monday, January 21st.  Callbacks are posted on the palace website, not via email. 

Auditions should consist of a prepared monologue or comedic anecdote.  Prepared not necessarily memorized.  a note about accents.   The director would prefer not to do accents at all then do them badly, please be prepared to do a standard British accent at initial auditions.  You might try it during your monologue but that isn’t mandatory.  If you are auditioning for Suzette, please be prepared to do a French accent or a standard British, and everyone else will be American and British, but NOT texan 

Auditions are scheduled online via the Palace website. You will fill out the audition form, sign up for a time, and fill out the conflict calendar, as well as upload a headshot and resume.  any questions should be emailed to 

You will receive an email confirming your appointment. If you are unable to attend any of the audition times, please send an email to and we will try to work with you to schedule an alternative time.

Click here to fill out the form

Rehearsals will begin February 13th. 

Rehearsals are typically held Monday through Thursday 7:00-10:00 and Saturday 1:00-5:00. Performances are Friday and Saturdays at 7:30 pm, and Sundays at 2 pm. Sometimes ticket demand causes us to add Saturday Matinee performances at 2 pm.

Background checks: Everyone involved with the production must submit to a background check at the Palace’s expense. If you are cast, you will receive a secure link where you can fill it out. There is no cost to you.

The Georgetown Palace Theatre is 501c3 Non-profit organization. There is no compensation for any of the actors.

We practice non-traditional casting, and all roles are open. All ages, abilities, gender, and ethnicities are encouraged to participate.

 If you have any questions, please email