Dancing at Lughnasa
by Temple Civic Theatre

Sep. 23 - Sep. 24 (2018)

In this 1991 Olivier Award winner, Brian Friel weaves an unforgettable tale of five unmarried sisters in the village of Ballybeg more than fifty years ago. Their simple pleasures are few: a rare cigarette for Maggie, fresh bilberries for Rose, weak music barely discernible through the static of a faulty radio for Agnes. They are caught up nursing their brother Jack, a priest returned from 25 years in an African leper colony. His stories of pagan celebration are shocking and exciting at the same time. The sisters’ dream of dancing at the harvest festival, but the eldest, Kate, dashes their hopes with a harsh reminder that they are not girls any longer.  And when the youngest, Chris’ wandering lover appears, he and she dance through the fields to music only they can hear.

Auditions for our next Main Series production, Dancing at Lughnasa, will be held September 23 and 24 at 7 pm.

Performances are November 30 through December 9. 

Jonathan Spear will direct.