The Big Fat Indian Wedding
by Agni Entertainment

Mar. 31 (2018)

Agni Entertainment invites you to a wedding bonanza this fall! Immerse yourself, literally, in a hilarious comedy of errors as you traverse the venue while watching the story of Arjun and Annabelle unfold. The Big Fat Indian Wedding promises to make you laugh, sing and dance as cultures come together in the first ever site-specific Bollywood production.

We're auditioning actors for 15 different roles for Agni Entertainment's upcoming Bollywood Musical called "The Big Fat Indian Wedding"

Auditions are at The Austin School of Film on March 31st at 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM.  2200 Tillery St, Austin, TX 78723-5744

You will be required to read lines for the part you're auditioning for. Once you arrive, you will be given lines and have 30 minutes to prepare after which you will read with the director and/or writer. 

Please bring a resume and fill out the registration form - click HERE.

You may contact us at (512) 814-5949 6205 or


Calling all ethnicities . Look at all these roles we are auditioning for Our upcoming Bollywood production “The Big Fat Indian Wedding": 

Bride: Annabelle Taylor ( Caucasian Female| Age- Mid 20s to Early 30s. )

Groom: Arjun Shah ( Indian/ South Asian Male| Age- Mid 20s to Early 30s)

Bride’s sister: Susanne Taylor ( Caucasian Female | Age- Early 20s to Early 30s)

Bride’s best friend: Kabir Singh ( India/ South Asian Male | Age- Mid 20s to Early 30s)

Groom’s ex: Pooja Patel ( Indian/South Asian Female |Age- Mid 20s to Early 30s)

Father of the groom: Jack Taylor ( Caucasian Male| Age- Mid 40s +)

Mother of the bride: Susan Taylor ( Caucasian Female| Age- Mid 40s+)

Father of the groom: Kamal Shah ( Indian/ South Asian Male- Mid 40s+)

Mother of the groom: Kavita Shah (Indian /South Asian Female- Mid 40s+)

Rekha Aunty: Rekha (Indian/ South Asian Female- Mid 40s+)

Rekha’s accomplice: Kirti (Indian/South Asian Female- Mid 40s +)

Rekha’s accomplice : Kasturi (Indian/ South Asian Female- Mid 40s+)

Annabelle’s Uncle: Randy Taylor ( Caucasian Male| Mid 40s+)

Baptist priest: ( Caucasian Male)

Indian pundit ( Indian/ South Asian Male)

Wedding Coordinator/ Narrator ( Open)

Dance Coordinator( Shaan) (Open- A professional dancer)

Come show us your acting chops ! See you there!