Red Scare: A Musical Comedy
by Texas Comedies

Dec. 06 - Dec. 07 (2017)

Texans fight back when a Communist threat comes from out-of-state. Set in 1950s Houston, this farce tells the mostly-true story of a mid-century-modern tar and feathering. Sex educators, pinko folkies and foreign spies are rooted out in this rampaging, red-baiting, 1950s musical farce.


Red Scare: A Musical Comedy 

Show Dates
February 22, 23, 24 and March 1, 2, 3, 2018
At the Dougherty Arts Theater, 1110 Barton Springs Road, Austin, Texas

3 evenings a week in February until tech week. Likely a read-through in late January.

We pay a guaranteed minimum per-show, and there will be a “hiring” bonus for coming to us through these auditions. I can provide details.

1 Male age 20 - 40: 1950s aspiring folk singer, pressured to “inform” on his colleagues. He has a day job, so he’s not a beatnik, although perhaps he’d like to be. This is a very comic part and it is a singing part; dance ability is a plus but not required.

1 Male age 30 - 50: Head of a school board, think 1950s mayor-type or Chamber of Commerce type. It’s a comic part, but he plays the “straight man” to the over-the-top anti-Communist antics of the Minute Women on the board. It is a singing part; dance ability is a plus but not required.

Females: Currently we don’t have parts available, but let me know if you are interested - we do paid traveling shows throughout the year, and need players available, so please get in touch.

Auditions will begin Wed & Thurs evenings (Dec 6 & 7). 

What stuff is needed
Please send a note, head shots and experience. Any videos or websites are great as well.

Who are We:
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