The Desk Set
by StageCenter Community Theatre

Aug. 14 - Aug. 15 (2017)

The setting is 1955 downtown Manhattan and the intelligent Bunny Watson heads up an all-female, fact-finding office for a television broadcasting company; their world is shaken when efficiency expert Richard Sumner enters to install a new electronic brain – a really large 1950s computer that takes up most of the room. Suddenly the threat of unemployment looms over the women's heads in this comedic battle of WOMAN versus machine.


The Desk Set by William Marchant
Directed by Molly Painter

Auditions: Aug. 14 & 15; arrive by 6:45 p.m.
Show Dates: Oct. 5–7, 12–14, 19–21

Casting is diverse and ages are approximate; I’ll be considering people slightly younger or older than the suggested age ranges or anyone who can pull off the character’s intended age range. 


Cast List (in order of appearance)

Sadel Meyer - female, 25-35, an efficient fact finder in the office.

Peg Costello - female, 40-60, a wisecracking, long-standing fact finder in the office and Bunny’s best friend. 

Ruthie Saylor - female, 18-24, a newbie in her career and the youngest on the team.

Richard Sumner (male lead) - male, 24-35, an efficiency expert who has recently graduated, the nephew of the head of the network, and the person responsible for bringing a supercomputer to the reference department. 

Bunny Watson (female lead) - female, 40-60, the head of the reference department and supervisor/friend to her all-female team; her brain is full of information.

Abe Cutler - male, 40-60, an executive supervisor of the reference department and Bunny’s long-term boyfriend.

The Man in the Shirt Sleeves/Christmas Party Attendee- male, any age, the network’s gossip spreader.

The Lady in the Blue Suit - female, 60+ or made to look elderly; slight build; non-speaking role.

Kenny - male, 16-22, the network’s mailroom boy. 

Elsa - female, 20-35, a worker from another department who flirts with men at the office Christmas party. 

Miss Wariner - female, 20-60, an outside employee brought in by Richard Sumner to run the supercomputer.

A Reporter/Christmas Party Attendee - male, any age, a reporter who comes to interview Richard Sumner and Miss Wariner about the supercomputer and take photos.