Into The Woods
by The Public Theater

Jul. 09 - Aug. 09, 2023


Everyone's favorite storybook characters are intertwined for a timeless story played out in a magical world. The enchanting and touching collection of fables are set to one of the most dynamic scores ever written. The result is an epic fairytale about wishes, family and the choices we make.


Cinderella's Prince/Wolf- Chris Berry*
Rapunzel's Prince- Aaron Ely
Narrator/Mysterious Man- Shane Glenn Vickers*
Cinderella- Olivia Barron
Jack- Nickie Barrón
Jack's Mother- Laura Michelle Hoadley
The Baker- James R. Welch*
The Baker's Wife- Amanda Golden
Cinderella's Stepmother- Ginger Gamble Martel
Florinda- Ariel Rosen
Lucinda- Jennifer Hoskins
Little Red Ridinghood- Jaeden Juarez
The Witch- Beth Erwin*
Cinderella's Mother/Granny- Pamela Jamie Thrower Sharkey
Rapunzel- Alyssa Doyle
Steward+ Cinderella's Prince/Wolf U/S- Aaron Kenigsberg
Steward U/S + Baker U/S- Jacob Crisp
Narrator U/S + Mysterious Man U/S- Michael Cooling
Snow White- TBD
Sleeping Beauty- TBD

Director: Ken Urso
Music Director: Andrew Hendley
Choreographer: Courtnie Mercer
Stage Manager: Porsha Coleman*

* Member Actors' Equity Association

Book by James Lapine
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim


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Tickets on sale: June 9, 2020

Into The Woods
by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine
The Public Theater

July 09 - August 09, 2023
Russell Hill Rogers Stage, The Public Theatre, San Antonio
800 West Ashby Place
San Antonio, TX, 78212


July 9-August 9, 2020 in the Russell Hill Rogers Auditorium, Public Theatre, San Antonio

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Tickets on sale: June 9, 2020