A War of the Worlds
by Penfold Theatre Company

Oct. 08 - Oct. 25, 2022


Playwright and Austin native Jarrett King puts a new spin on the historic broadcast. Alternatingly comic and gripping, A War of the Worlds re-imagines Orson Welles and his radio troupe The Mercury Theatre as a group of African American artists on the brink of failure. In the hope of securing corporate sponsorship, Welles orchestrates a last ditch ratings stunt that causes national panic and secures them an undeniable - if infamous - place in media history. King takes us behind the scenes for the tense hours before the broadcast; for the airing itself, performed live in radiocast format; and for the reckoning with public terror that followed. 


King combines careful historical research and savvy creative license to connect Welles’ Depression Era world with our own – touching on a wide range of topics, including race relations, fake news, the ethics of new media technologies, and "invasion" to name a few – while simultaneously enthralling us with the sci-fi thriller that became an instant cultural icon.


A War of the Worlds is the world premiere of a new play by Jarrett King.


The production is directed by Matrex Kilgore. 


A War of the Worlds
by Jarrett King
Penfold Theatre Company

October 08 - October 25, 2022
Santa Cruz Center for Culture
1805 E. 7th Street
Austin, TX, 78702

Performances run October 8 - 25, 2020 at the Santa Cruz Theatre. More forthcoming from Penfold Theatre. (March 22, 2020)



[graphic adapted by CTXLT from www.waroftheworlds.fandom. com]