An Ideal Husband
by City Theatre Company

Feb. 18 - Mar. 13


“When the Gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.” – Sir Chiltern, An Ideal Husband


The respectable Sir Robert Chiltern is a successful Government minister, well-off and with a loving wife. All is threatened when the conniving Mrs. Cheveley appears with damning evidence of a past misdeed and threatens blackmail. His best friend comes to his aid - and through a number of comedic entanglements – tries to lead Robert and his family out of harm and disgrace. But there are others who have desires and ambitions all their own. While written in 1895, underneath a surface of frivolity and appearances, there lies countless elements of today’s current times and affairs: feminism, blackmail, political corruption, morality and mistrust, the psychology of love and forgiveness, are all served up with the effervescent Wilde wit, where in a course of just twenty-four hours, this cocktail mix of characters learns what it means to be “an ideal husband.”


“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde


 The City Theatre Company throws back the bite of winter and moves into sunny spring with Oscar Wilde’s most famous and popular comedy An Ideal Husband. Quick-tongued, lively, a merry-go-round of sparkling wit and daring humor at every turn brought to new life with panache from CTC’s guest director, Cris Skinner.


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 The CTC production features the cast of Shane Cullum, Dawn Erin, John Waters, Sunshine Garrison, Valencia Lee, Bonnie Lambert, Steve Wright, Miriam Rubin, Coltrane Conklin, Bill Newchurch, Mike Dellens, Mindy Rast-Keenan, Zach Weiss, and Susan Johnston-Taylor.


Oscar Wilde was born Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde in Dublin, 1854. His father was an eminent Victorian surgeon and his mother, Jane Francesca Elgee (or Lady Wilde), was an Irish nationalist and saw herself as a revolutionary. She attracted intellectuals like herself, which brought an interest in art and culture, and an elegance for wit into the life of young Fingal O’Flahertie. Success and drama marred Oscar’s life. His popular works transformed literature of the Victorian era including The Importance of Being Earnest, An Ideal Husband, Salome, and The Picture of Dorian Gray. He was the most celebrated author of his time, and his works continue to be read, adapted, translated, and produced for the stage worldwide. He witnessed an ill-fated downfall in 1885, when arrested for “gross indecency” and imprisoned on account of his iniquitous homosexuality. With his health irrevocably damaged and his reputation ruined, he left the country and spent the rest of his life in Europe, publishing “The Ballad of Reading Gaol,” leaving, many may argue, one of the most influential collections of works by a single writer, and Oscar Wilde as one of the greatest comic playwrights in the English language.


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An Ideal Husband
by Oscar Wilde
City Theatre Company

February 18 - March 13, 2022
unspecified in Austin
somewhere in Austin
to be announced
Austin, TX, 78700

Politics. Scandals. Romance, gone Wilde!


The delightful and wickedly-witty comedy graces the Trinity Street Playhouse stage – a perfect theatre entertainment treat playing February 18th – March 13th, 2022.