Einstein Is Wrong about Everything
by Overtime Theater

Jan. 14 - Jan. 29, 2022

The year is 1956, and Princeton autopsist Thomas Harvey just decided to steal Einstein's brain. That decision now has him on the lam from both the authorities and a group of neo-Nazis led by a woman who may or may not be related to the Elephant Man. And now he just found out his new roommate is the heroin-addicted Beat writer William S. Burroughs.
What will he do next? Will it make sense? Will it involve getting help from some of the most famous figures of the 20th century? 

Einstein Is Wrong about Everything
by Joseph Green
Overtime Theater

January 14 - January 29, 2022
Overtime Theater
5409 Bandera Road, Unit 205
near I-410
San Antonio, TX, 78238

Dates estimated. Auditions are Nov 27, 2021.


[image: photo by Frederick Schmutzler, via Wikipedia]