Small Steps
by Shrewd Productions

Aug. 27 - Oct. 09

When Skip Powers realizes that no one will ever love him, he volunteers to go to Mars -- and the Principal of NASA says, "Yeah, sure. You'll do." Skip isn’t close to his family, hasn’t had ANY luck with dating, and isn’t interested in participating in the gene pool – making him the perfect candidate for NASA to send millions of miles on a solo mission from which he will, likely, never return. After disheartening experiences on gay hookup apps, he's more than prepared for training with the Abstinence Coach -- but a little less prepared when the Love of His Life tries to keep him on earth. This play about what it means to attempt to live your life in the pursuit of great things spans a million years and fifty-five million miles.

Small Steps deals with the themes of isolation and loneliness in our modern world, and the search for connection. It's particularly resonant now as we all cope with these issues in a Covid-dominated world, and is the perfect vehicle to address the trials, tribulations, and bravery involved when being alone isn't a choice.

Small Steps
by Brian Oglesby
Shrewd Productions

August 27 - October 09, 2021
unspecified in Austin
somewhere in Austin
to be announced
Austin, TX, 78700

We are awaiting confirmation from venues, but our tentative run dates are a 3-week run sometime between August 27 and October 9, 2021. (June 2, 2021)