by Deb Streusand

May. 15

Why Pericles? Why now?T

he pandemic has been an opportunity for theatre to question what it is and what it can be. For me, part of that is questioning the idea of Shakespeare as a “genius” whose plays are “universal.”

Is Pericles a work of tremendous beauty and insight that transcends time and space? No.But does it display flashes of brilliance that take you deep into the wisdom of the Immortal Bard (tm)? Also no.But does it feature pirates, kidnapping, incest, and poor grooming choices? Yes, yes it does. If you’re thinking that (except for the incest) it sounds like Shakespeare’s Princess Bride, you’re right. And, as with the Princess Bride, what makes that shit epic isn’t the dialogue or the plot. It’s the acting moments that make those characters and that story unforgettable.

And you should see this show for the same reason: these actors. They are BONKERS good.

Travis Bedard: Pericles

Hayley Armstrong: Thaisa

Becca Musser: Marina

Evan Bridenstine: Cleon, Pander

Lemons Clemons: Gower, Simonides

Robert Deike: Antiochus, Lysimachus

Levi Gore: Escanes, Bolt

Mel Johnson: Helicanus

Karen Mal: Thaliard, Bawd, Lychorida

Donna Provencher: Dionyza

Caroline Poe: Cerimon

Lee Vineyard: Doubling Whiz 1 (Fishermen, Pirates, and Knights, oh my!)

Mia Sgambellone: Doubling Whiz 2 (see above)

Geoffrey Starich: Doubling Whiz 3 (see above)

You’ve gotta see this, right? 

by William Shakespeare, adapted by Joe Falocco
Deb Streusand

May 15, 2021
via internet
Everywhere, TX, 78700

May 15, 7:30 pm CST, link to follow.



[image from Old Globe production, San Diego, California, 2014]