Fall of the House
by University of Texas New Theatre (UTNT)

Apr. 02 - Apr. 04

Everyone at the Atreus Housing Project is anticipating the long-rumored return of GHOST. When he does arrive, it sets off a persistently fatal chain of events. His wife NESSA is suspicious of him, his daughter ALEXUS could care less about him, a kid in the neighborhood, OLLIE, worships him and the girl with kerosene gas dripping from her hands KARA is just wandering trying to find her place in it all. And where in the hell is his son BISHOP anyway? If only they could ask that fake-ass psychic, PIANO MAN. The FURIES watch this all, withholding their verdict on the violence for as long as they see fit. A liberal homage to Aeschylus's Oresteia. 

Fall of the House
by Nicholas Kaidoo
University of Texas New Theatre (UTNT)

April 02 - April 04, 2021
via internet
Everywhere, TX, 78700


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